Church of The Sacred Synthesis

April 15th 2023: EntheoGenesis Austin, TX

All profits generated from EntheoGenesis will be 100% donated to Heroic Path to Light, a groundbreaking organization assisting veterans and first responders on the entheogenic healing path.


We invite you to a day of Sacred Ceremony. On April 15th, 2023, at a beautiful private ranch in Austin, Texas overlooking the Hill Country.

Welcome to EntheoGenesis, a one-day very intimate consciousness event where you will immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery, exploration, and transformation.


We are coming together for self healing and growth, so that we may return to our various regions bringing healing back to our home towns.

This in person gathering, and time of communion, is essential as we are in a time when the Western world is desperately seeking to be lifted out of a mental health crisis.


Tickets are limited, as we are setting the space for connection with the community. Join us for an unforgettable day of Master Classes in Integration Modalities and workshops.


We welcome you to explore the Full Spectrum Integrative & Healing Workshops and Experiences such as:

  •  Master Classes in Integrative Integration Modalities
  • Ganja Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Ceremonial Education- Opening and Holding space
  • tea
  • breath-work
  • voice activation
  • Art and Creativity Station
  • Interactive teachings and conversations
  • Ecstatic Dance Ceremony
  • Psilomethoxin introduction and Education
  • local vendors, artisans, and so much more.


You’ll have the opportunity to learn from renowned experts in the field of consciousness and spirituality, who will guide you on a path of self-discovery and awakening.

You’ll gain insights into the power of entheogenic plants and the transformative effects they can have on your life. 
Come and learn how to

be a responsible steward in your community. To better serve yourself, your clients, and usher in safe and effective methods of integration from experts across all fields of the Entheogenic space


Our Sacrament, Psilomethoxin will be offered in ceremony for further expansion and connection to unity consciousness in their experiences throughout the day in a safe and loving container. Fully supported with integration, harm reduction, and safe spaces.


Throughout the day, you’ll experience a range of activities designed to deepen your connection to your inner self and expand your consciousness. You’ll have the chance to participate in yoga and breath-work sessions, explore plant-medicine education, and connect with local vendors and artisans.


The music of Cloud People will intertwine through the day to provide healing frequencies and harmonies while we dive deep into knowledge and experiences.


As the workshops and experiences come to a close, the energy in the air will begin to shift, and the sounds of Hohm will fill the space. This will be your invitation to come together with like-minded individuals and let go of any inhibitions, moving in a way that feels natural and free.


Once the energy builds, the sounds of EQUANIMOUS will take over, creating a heart-expanding experience that will fill you with joy and lightness. And when the night is in full swing, SAVEJ will lead us into our Ancient Future, activating our ancestral DNA and taking us on a journey through time.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with yourself and others through the power of music, dance, education, and play. 


Entheogensis, is a first of its kind day of education, integration and celebration being birthed from the womb of our sacred synthesis.

We invite all church members and allies to join in the support of our birthing of a new way of weaving long dispersed human tribes, to usher in a new path of showing up for each other in our journey to heal ourselves, and the world.


Even if you are not able to join us in person, we ask for your support in spreading the word within your community, especially to those who are in need of support and education around the use of entheogens in their personal human healing journey.


This is not your average spiritual gathering, it is not being presented for the insular spiritual community to self congratulate themselves on their high vibe fascinations.


We are diving deep with you into the shadow, shining a light on your soul, and carving out a new reality for US All. We will have healthy

food offerings by vendors throughout the day available to purchase.


In Partnership with ATMA


Sponsored by Alive Water


Waste Free Event with Fed


Proceeds going to Heroic Path to Light


Flow of the Day:

Parking Lot Opens to Guests 8:30am
Doors Open at 9 am

Ceremony Begins 10 am Full day of Education Masterclasses, workshops and
Doors Close for arrival 7pm- Ecstatic Dance Ceremony Begins
Event Ends at 11 pm

Exact Location will be
disclosed by email to ticket holders the week before the event.



Poster design and Art
by our own @entruvia


Our Prayer:
We call in our ancestors, guides, and infinite connection to all that IS to create a sacred container.

We begin the day with the Arrival of the Ancients – Decorated in the old world garb and décor including artifacts and imagery from ancestral times honoring the old way.

A time where spirit manifested outwardly amongst all humanity. We honor this time, a time when our Ancestors cultivated the courage to venture into the unknown. To explore Mother Earth and to experience the contrast in all measures of Being.

We will build our Altar of the Ancients with these items and create what is being called to be created.

May we be guided to teach and be taught, may we express radical inclusion, promote unity, and create a container that allows us to remember all that we are


Workshops and Speakers

Speaking on: Anthropological History of Entheogenic Use:

In this talk Acacea will discuss the anthropological use of entheogens throughout  history.

Workshop: Tea and entities

In this talk we will discuss mindful techniques that I discovered during the unlikely experience of simply, drinking a cup of tea. Now if tea doesn’t appeal to you, that’s just fine… Because the simple concept of sitting and being silent and present, is just enough. That’s all we need to begin the discussion of what entities are, and relax enough to realize that we do not have to act aggressively towards to images and energies we are confronted towards in our journey in order to be released from whatever hold they have on our minds. When you tighten a muscle too much, you restrict blood flow which “can lead to inflammation that irritates the nervous system” and that lack of oxygen in the blood isn’t good for you… The same happens when we react with anger, aversion and fear and mentally constrict, sometimes to the point of paralysis on a physical level… In response to entities. In this talk I will give create tools to unwind the mind and to unravel what “entities, demons, phantom energies” all have in common. And what techniques you can utilize to prevent fear paralysis and massive trauma response due to what you see, hear or come into contact with, on a trip. After all, we live in a vast multiverse and the unseen is a mystery that contains all sorts of thing, the only thing in common is… We access this space with our minds. Come have tea as we discuss further, dmt entities, suicide prevention, fear paralysis and darkness as a source of healing, as well as “feeding your demons” (in a safe and nonharmful way). 

Acacea Lewis

Acacea is a researcher, student and founder of Divine Master Alchemy LLC, K.I.M (Kambo, Iboga and Mushroom) Academy and Cofounder of The Medicine Travelers that was founded in 2018 by herself and her late partner Mike Lewis. She has been teaching online classes about, herbal, ethnobotanical, and Entheogenic plant medicines for over 5 yrs, both online and in-person. Her school Divine Master Alchemy, also called Divine Master University; borrows its name from the DMT molecule, often referred to as Divine Master Truth. She has over 11 yrs of experience utilizing entheogens, studying traditional and naturopathic medicine as a tool for her own healing from a variety of teachers, including Baba Kilindi Iyi and many others. She also teaches about how we can learn to use Entheogenic and ethnobotanical plants and fungi safely and respectfully. As a neurodivergent teacher and student, Acacea  has created a free 3d interactive Divine Master Alchemy vision board on Thortspace with assistance from one of its founders.

Speaking on: Importance of Pre and Post Integration

Ebony will be speaking about the importance of pre and post integration and creating a safe space during ceremony not only energetically, but physically as well. 

 Ebony will cover:

  • Pre-screening questions

  • Pre education

  • Building trust with participants

  • Assisting participants with overcoming obstacles with working with sacred plant medicines..

  • Common concerns participant has in regard to working with plant medicine.

  • How to conduct a proper post integration

  •  Creating the perfect set and setting of medicine ceremonies

  • How to create a physically safe space for participants during medicine ceremonies. 

  • How to handle challenges that may arise during ceremony

Ebony Townsend 

Ebony has always been called to be of service to humanity.  Ebony started her journey of healing in the Western medical system as a Registered nurse.  Ebony found nursing to be rewarding, but there was something that she felt was missing in her life.  Ebony had reached a point in her life where she was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  She knew that in order to be of better service to those she served including herself, she would have to do deep inner healing.  

Ebony’s spiritual journey commenced with her own personal healing from trauma, inner child work, and self-love.  This journey led her to sit with the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. It was during her initial Ayahuasca experience, that all of her spiritual gifts were unlocked.  

Ebony Townsend is a Modern Day Shaman, Sound Healer, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Life Coach.  Ebony Townsend has been facilitating plant medicine ceremonies in the Houston Texas area for over three years.  Her ceremonies are unique in the sense that she serves the medicine in its traditional manner with a modern-day twist, by offering modern sound therapy using state of the art technology.  Ebony is passionate about holding a safe sacred space where participants can commune with the medicine and receive healing and transformation in their life.  Ebony has both an appreciation for both Western and Eastern medicine and is grateful for her being able to be of service in both.  Her mission and purpose is to bring light and love to the planet, while ushering in heaven on earth.

Speaking on The Future or Religious Protection in the United States:


In this discussion, trial and appellate attorney Greg Lake will discuss the legal protections afforded entheogen-based religious practitioners under both state and federal law.  This discussion will include the history of religious protections in the United States, where those protections currently stand, and where Greg believes the law is headed in the immediate and long-term future.  Importantly, this discussion will cover the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Employment Division v. Smith and answering the question whether Justice Alito’s concurring opinion in Fulton v. Philadelphia signals the potential end of Smith-era legal protections.  Finally, and most importantly, this discussion will explore what this all means for entheogen-based religious practitioners today.  A syllabus for this discussion will be published to ticket holders prior to the day of the event.


Greg Lake

Greg is a trial and appellate attorney, author, and entrepreneur, having assisted over 40 entheogen-based religious groups enshrine their rights under the free exercise laws. Greg is a prolific writer, having written three books: “Psychedelic in Mental Health Series: Psilocybin,” “The Law of Entheogenic Churches in the United States” and “The Law of Entheogenic Churches (Vol. II): The definition of religion under the first amendment.”, and his work has been featured in numerous articles and podcasts, on a variety of topics pertaining to entheogenic, religious and cognitive freedom. He is the CEO of EntheoConnect and a Co-founder of the Church of Psilomethoxin, where he holds the position of Lead Oracle.

Workshop: Activating Creation


Come and sit with Jenna throughout the day one-on-one or in small groups to receive a guided meditation to activate your connection to your creative abilities. Jenna’s workshop will be focused on guiding people to align their energetic centers, and create and establish a connection to their own Akashic Records. From this space, anything is possible, and when we learn to connect, surrender and allow, we can begin to trust the messages coming to us. Come and receive activations, energetic clearings, and messages aligned to you. 

Jenna Lake

Jenna is an entrepreneur, photographer, author, educator and leader in the spiritual community. Jenna has dedicated her time and energy to her education, and the education of others, through working with quantum healing and higher states of consciousness in the spiritual and sacred plant medicine worlds. She has certifications in Yoga and Breathwork, and is a practitioner of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique). She does Akashic readings, energy clearings and guided meditations for her community and private clients. Jenna, along with her husband Greg Lake, are developing the EntheoConnect vision, along with the co-founding of the Church of Psilomethoxin. Her core mission is to guide everyone to become their own healer, through passion, in service to the worldwide spiritual community. Her first two books, “Messages From The Universe- A Guide to Being Human” and “Pause. Take Ownership of Your Life.” are available online.

Workshop: Willful Warrior Breath

Kaine will be facilitating soul vibrations, shamanic chants, throat singing, dance, energy flow, and movement during the Willful Warrior Breath experience. 

Kaine Marzola

Kaine is a first generation American whose family migrated from Rio de Janerio to Las Vegas. At 18, he joined the Marine Corps and became part of the most decorated company and unit in US Marine Corps history called “BLACKHEARTS”. His first deployment was to one of the most dangerous cities in Iraq where he lost 17 of his brothers right before his eyes.

In Kaine’s 8 years of service he was in over 1000 combined combat and humanitarian aid missions around the world including 200 confirmed fire fights. 144 out of 210 men in his company were awarded purple hearts.

Kaine was diagnosed with severe PTSD while on active duty. He was put on over 15 different medications by the VA, ballooned to 300lbs, became an alcoholic, addict and suicidal. He felt like a slave whose spirit was caged in his body.

Through God’s grace Kaine found natural tools of healing such as mix martial arts, yoga, breath work, vibrational healing, and plant medicines.  He found strength and purpose and got off all his meds, lost 100lbs, became a title winning mixed martial artist fighter and founded Veterans Vitality.

Today, Kaine is president of Warriors for Life America. He coaches champions, mentors, facilitates healing retreats, spiritual ceremonies and hosts events that spread awareness about the issues that directly impact our veteran community. 

Workshop: Willful Warrior Breath

Leland will lead people through The Welcome Home Method!  The Welcome home method uses special breathing patterns to reset the body and the mind.  

Leland Holgate Sr


My name is Leland Holgate Sr, and I joined the United States Air Force at the age of 17.  After basic, and C-130 Loadmaster training, I was sent to S.E.R.E & P.O.W. training.  I took part in operations in the Middle East with Operation Northern Watch, and also Operation Anvil in Yugoslavia.  After coming back, I suffered a neck injury during R & R that left me dead for over 3 minutes, and a quadreplegic.  This ended my dream of becoming a Pararescueman, and pretty much ended everything I wanted to do in my life.


Thankfully, the military gave me a Physical Therapist who was a Yogi, and he started teaching me ancient breath techniques, and yoga on top of my physical therapy.  I noticed that everytime I did these breath techniques, things started coming back to me that I had lost.  I am now studying to be a Neuropsychologist, and have a forthcoming double doctorate in Neuroscience, and Psychology.  It is an honor to now bring these techniques to my veteran/military brothers and sisters, and to help people heal from what ails them!

Workshop: Willful Warrior Breath

A.L.D.O will be bringing his live looping musical performances, using native instruments, chants and energy moving beats, while incorporating audience participation, earth prayer chants, breath work & rhythmic dancing & his own visual arts. Aldo’s performance is accompanied by The Soul Vibration who are combat veterans marines, aka thunder twin brothers (Kenny & KAINE Marzola) that dance & send throat singing vibrations with the audience to uplift energy & help guide the magical journey.


 A.L.D.O is an internationally renowned artist/ musician/dj who stuns audiences with his live looping musical performances, using native instruments, chants and energy moving beats, while incorporating audience participation, earth prayer chants, breath work & rhythmic dancing & his own visual arts. Aldo’s performance is accompanied by The Soul Vibration who are combat veterans marines, aka thunder twin brothers (Kenny & KAINE Marzola) that dance & send throat singing vibrations with the audience to uplift energy & help guide the magical journey. ALDO is from the music capital of the world, now residing in the entertainment capital of the world. being multi instrumentalist for Latin acts such as Kumbia Kings, Menudo, Mdo Locos Por Juana, La Frenetika to name a few. Aldo currently tours with soul singer Latasha Lee. Austin Texas has named 11/15 “Aldo Ramon Day” for his musical achievements in the Texas music scene where he frequents to host musical comedy pro-cannabis Psychadelic shows under the alias Comweedian performing in cannabis festivals with the likes of Cheech & Chong to Snoop Dog.

Workshop: Contraindications and Entheogens

Come and discuss all things psychopharmaceutical with Dr. Jackson and Teresa Marie. Wondering about mixing medications with Entheogens, or perhaps using more than one Entheogen together? Dr. Jackson and Teresa will be discussing all things pharmaceutical and entheogen related, and how to safely navigate that space. 

Dr. David Jackson


David Jackson received his BSEE from Rice University with a focus in biomedical engineering followed by his MD at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Through a long career in medicine as an anesthesiologist and engineer, David observed the failures of our culture,
lifestyle and medical system to provide many with wellness and enduring life satisfaction. With further training in functional medicine and the demand to solve these problems among family and friends, David researched the safe and effective use of non-traditional medicines and therapies for general mental wellness and treatment of addiction.


David also focuses on extricating patients from overused, addictive often ineffective psychopharmaceuticals. He teams up with up with Teresa Marie using her deep insights into consciousness and skills as both speaker and mind medicine coach. Together they engage in spreading their knowledge to both the public as well as the mental health professionals and the general medical community.


Teresa Marie


Teresa Marie is a certified Coach and specialist in mind medicine.  She has a masters degree in Organizational Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and has a Dallas practice treating clients with PTSD, ADD, Depression and Anxiety.  Comprehensive medical and mental history intake combined with both psychedelic and traditional medicines paired with integration therapy helps her clients transform their conscious state of being.

Workshop: “To Smoke Absent-Mindedly Would be a Waste of Sacred Herb”


Join us in this journey of self study and stillness through a chakra spinal alignment series featuring breath, mantra, intention, and sacred herb ritual led by cannabis scientist, Chokopa Shamanic Reiki master, and certified Chakra Yoga teacher, Meagan Lynn, and begin to attune to the energy of Cannabis, allowing spaciousness to see other thoughtforms as we open up to universal consciousness in safe container.  

We will then tap into the capabilities of the energetic body with this heightened awareness, uniquely amplified by this plant ally, in a kundalini kriya featuring pranayama and meditation, led by renowned Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, Gian Charan Kaur.  

We will end our practice with a final meditation and group reiki led by Gian Charan. Organic CBG joints will be provided to all participants, as well as cacao chocolates at the end of ceremony to ground back into our physical vessels. 

It is our intention that combining this powerful entheogenic plant with these practices and sacred setting into a specific experience will elicit its own entourage  effect, and participants will leave with a newfound lens on this plant and how to infuse intention and use it as a tool for self study and mystical experiences, as it has been for thousands of years, rather than escapism. 

Meagan Lynn Pilawski, BSN, MS-Medical Cannabis Science & Therapeutics, RYT, Reiki Master

Meagan spent years working in palliative and end-of-life care. Her close personal experience with healing a highly aggressive autoimmune disease, a near death experience, and with the dying process led to an ultimate interest in entheogenic plant medicines. Meagan works closely with brain health and has served as a subject matter expert on nootropic mushrooms as well as both medical and sacred cannabis use, meditation, and frequency healing. Meagan serves as assistant manager of yoga teacher training Programs at The Lotus Pond, a highly regarded Yoga school based in Tampa, FL as well as serving as an integration guide for Yoosh Quii Yakoo, a Bufo Church based out of Mexico. Meagan encourages everyone to identify modalities and compounds in alignment for themselves to facilitate the deep,thorough cellular healing of traumas and addictions.

Breezy Raulin (Gian Charan Kaur), Reiki Master and certified Kundalini Yoga teacher

Breezy identified the sanctity of ritual and intention years ago after years of avoiding facing her traumas as well as more than one near death experience. After years of alchemizing her suffering into the full embodiment of her dharma, she joins us today as one of the most highly regarded Kundalini teachers in Florida, bringing forth practices to those who are growing, healing, lost in the dark, or suffering, reminding them of their inner light and truth. Gian Charan teaches weekly classes as well as facilitating special events and integration based kundalini classes at plant medicine ceremonies.

Workshop: Re-CLAIMING your VOICE “The MEDICINE that is YOU”



Divulge into the immersion of YOU. 

As SoulTribe Sanctuary shamans share their experience of BEE-ing 🐝  co-created in sharing space with each participant of our life journey. Following an embodiment mantra chant of vocal enchantment. A fusion of sharing circle, multicultural kirtan, meditation and sound bath.

SoulTribe Sanctuary is a nondenominational, interfaith, religious organization that supports the safe access to Animal, Plant and Fungal entheogens. Our primary entheogenic sacrament is sacredly
called Niños Santos, commonly known as psilocybin mushrooms.  SoulTribe Sanctuary stands strong in providing a safe space and environment to experience a shamanic ceremony where religious freedom and respect for the indigenous exist. SoulTribe Sanctuary has three ceremonial leaders; shaman Aqüa, shaman LittleFoot and shaman Mariposa

Shaman Aqüa 

Shaman Aqüa is a renowned spiritual teacher and student across the many universes of understanding. Co-creator and co-founder of SoulTribe Sanctuary, he was led by spirit to delve into the remembrance of our realities. He shares sacred ancestral wisdom from shaman grandfather Maximo and medicine woman grandmother Genoveva via earth bathing and medicinal elements. Shaman Aqüa shares profound wisdom, encounters and activations he has received from elders around the globe. He embodies a unification message activating

frequency and vibration for those ready to receive and share. Voice, art, journeys, movement, instruments and nature are tools Shaman Aqüa shares. Plants, animals and fungi have fascinated Aqüa through many lifetimes. They are reminders to remember the cycles and layers of self. The process of metamorphosis enables Shaman Aqüa to journey past the physical form and experience life exponentially. He utilizes a plethora of modalities including meditation, Bhakti yoga, bodywork and vibrational sound healing to stimulate transforming, tangible experiences. Mahalo Tribe, brothers and sisters.
Aho’:Mitakuye Oyasin


Shaman LittleFoot 

Shaman LittleFoot is a co-creator and co-founder of SoulTribe Sanctuary. She has a unique background in both Western and Eastern Medicine with 25 years experience as an Occupational Therapist. She has developed her ability to instinctively locate a persons’ pain with the placing of hands. At times, she herself mimics her patients’ symptoms. Eastern Medicine became a calling when (in a time of grief) she heard a silent voice saying: “use your hands.” Her hands began to vibrate and she later heard the single word “Reiki.” She is now a Reiki Master working with humans and animals. She embraced training in mediumship at a local Spiritualist church. Shaman Little foot was drawn to study mediumship at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. There she began to understand that she was an empath. Her exploration and personal healing with plant medicine, breathwork, and sound healing led her to include these modalities in her practice. Her home is San Diego, California, where she lives with her wife and their many fur babies.

Workshop: Psychedelic Experience and the Arts: Pathways to Healing 


This workshop will review how the arts have been and continue to be essential to all aspects of non-ordinary experience, particularly to the integration of experiences involving synthetic and plant-based medicines. The talk, including brief experiential exercises, will explore ways to capture and express ineffable experience, how to engage intermodal approaches to deepen images, the value of arts-based parts work and imaginal dialog, and how to identify and leverage resources for integration.


Dr. Haley Fox (she/her/hers)

Haley is an integrally-informed expressive arts therapist (REAT), author, speaker, professor, clinical supervisor, arts-based researcher—and a late-bloomer psychonaut. She holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology, counseling licenses in three states (LPC, LMHC, LPCC), board-certifications in art therapy (ATR-BCCS) and music therapy (MT-BC), and most recently IPI certification in psychedelic-assisted therapies. Her theoretical orientation is grounded in archetypal psychology, including the role (intermodal) images play in human experience. Her artistic sensibilities and aesthetic judgment continually inform her practice.

Workshop: The Impact of Music and Entheogens


For this event, he will be presenting on the impact of music in entheogenic sessions and will also be available for a Q&A on nonduality, entheogenic experience, and integration. You can learn more about his work at and


Martin W. Ball, Ph.D.

Martin is a nondual entheogenic educator, independent author/publisher, visionary artist, musician, integration coach, and host of The Entheogenic Evolution podcast. His work focuses on the nondual potential of entheogenic medicines, particularly via 5-MeO-DMT, and helps guide others into their fullest and most authentic self-realization and transformation. His approach provides a de-mystification of mysticism through a non-religious and non-spiritual energetic lens.

Workshop: Walking with Huachuma, The Road to the Heart.

Tony will be hosting a workshop that focuses on the San Pedro Cactus. Come sit with him for a deep dive on all things cactus! 

Tony Rouse

Tony brings with him 25 years of medicine work. He trained with Shipibo and Bora curanderos in the Amazon, where he ran Refugio Altiplano, a shamanic healing center. Tony works in collaboration with other doctors and therapists to provide integrative medicine to our veteran community. He is also a classically trained chef, teacher of non-dual philosophy and doctor of Ayurvedic medicine.

Workshop: “Remembering Your Magic”

Jennifer will share her story of how she found her own voice and the courage to take on the U.S. government alone. She took this huge leap of faith with full trust and knowing that the universe would connect her with a community of support – which it has! To Jennifer, this lawsuit represents a vast release of one of the biggest spells of fear cast upon humanity, so that each one of us has the best opportunity to remember who we are and shine in our unique way. Her story is one of creation, love, fear, and remembering her magic. She shares her story, along with messages gifted to her by the divine, with a deep knowing that we all will remember our own unique magic. 


Jennifer Murphey 

Jennifer has been a voice for silenced voices for as long as she can remember, and nothing brings her greater joy than
seeing others remember their own magic. She is able to see the depths and beauty of every soul she meets and has long dreamed of freeing the control over her fellow humans that causes us to forget who we are. Nothing hurts her heart more than seeing any human feel ashamed of who they are. 
She sees the so-called War on Drugs as one of the most significant control and separation systems in current existence, separating us from ourselves and others. Armed with pure love of her fellow human, deep insight into the energetics of fear, and a brilliant driven mind, she has dedicated her life to ending this war. 

Jennifer, an attorney, spent several months in isolation creating the biggest lawsuit in history to end the so-called War on Drugs, which she filed as a single self-represented plaintiff in July 2022. Jennifer has an exceptional ability to see fear in all its various forms and works tirelessly to release the control over others that fear causes. She knows that we are all born free, and once we each understand that, the system of control loses power.


Workshop: Navigating the Shift from Christianity to Entheogens


This workshop will focus on helping people who came from Christianity to have a more transformative plant medicine experience. We will cover everything from my personal experience to triggers, primary vs secondary experiences, fears, and non-duality. It will include pointers on how to work with Christians that might have some misgivings or reservations about what they have done or are going to do. We will also discuss how to relate to Christian family members. 

Dr. Chuck Crisco Spiritual Director/Theologian @ Church of Sacred Synthesis 

Chuck is the author of several books on spirituality, including “Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”, “Extraordinary Gospel” and “The Source Code.” He holds multiple degrees including a Bachelors of Science in Bible & Theology from Central Bible College, Springfield, MO; a Masters of Divinity from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, Springfield, MO and a Doctorate of Ministry from Wagner University, Rancho Cucamonga, CA. After 25 years as a Christian pastor, short term missionary to India, and Church Planting Coach, he discovered that “God” was bigger than any religious box and that no group has a copyright on spirituality. He gave up dogma for divinity and lived happily ever after. As a lover of life he enjoys traveling to exotic places and beautiful beaches and taking new adventures with people, all while exploring  Consciousness and all things “woo-woo”. With the Church, he offers bi-weekly Sunday Services online. 

Speaking on: Our Program Director, and head of Integration Services for the church, will present harm reduction, safety and integration strategies to guide all attendees through their experience at EntheGenesis and beyond.


Workshop: Tea and entities



In this talk we will discuss mindful techniques that I discovered during the unlikely experience of simply, drinking a cup of tea. Now if tea doesn’t appeal to you, that’s just fine… Because the simple concept of sitting and being silent and present, is just enough. That’s all we need to begin the discussion of what entities are, and relax enough to realize that we do not have to act aggressively towards to images and energies we are confronted towards in our journey in order to be released from whatever hold they have on our minds. When you tighten a muscle too much, you restrict blood flow which “can lead to inflammation that irritates the nervous system” and that lack of oxygen in the blood isn’t good for you… The same happens when we react with anger, aversion and fear and mentally constrict, sometimes to the point of paralysis on a physical level… In response to entities. In this talk I will give create tools to unwind the mind and to unravel what “entities, demons, phantom energies” all have in common. And what techniques you can utilize to prevent fear paralysis and massive trauma response due to what you see, hear or come into contact with, on a trip. After all, we live in a vast multiverse and the unseen is a mystery that contains all sorts of thing, the only thing in common is… We access this space with our minds. Come have tea as we discuss further, dmt entities, suicide prevention, fear paralysis and darkness as a source of healing, as well as “feeding your demons” (in a safe and nonharmful way). 

Ethereal Hope Program Director, Church of Psilomethoxin

Ethereal Hope is psychedelic integration specialist, intuitive spiritual guide, death doula and medicine woman, with over 30 years of experience exploring a wide variety of sacred psychedelic medicines and religious sacraments. 

“Hope” assists clients with the decisions around taking sacred medicines, as well as practitioner selection, pre- and post-psychedelic or spiritual experience counseling, with a specialty focus on complex integration, reactivations and spiritual crisis. Hope was the Director of the psycho-spiritual program for Crossroads, in Mexico. While there she educated, prepared and guided patients through Ibogaine treatments, as well as facilitated 5-MeO-DMT using the Bufo Alvarius medicine. 

As the Integration Program Director for World Bufo Alvarius Congress (WBAC) in 2018, she was a featured speaker on 5-MeO and trauma, the facilitator of the daily integration sharing circles and coordinated 3 days of integration workshops. 

She was recently featured in an article in Forbes on 5-MeO safety and appeared as an expert on panel discussions hosted by the Los Angeles Medicinal Psychedelic Society (L.A.M.P.S.) on “Death & Psychedelics”; Tam Integration on “Spiritual Emergencies” and The Psychedelic Institute’s Awakening Consciousness Conference on “D.M.T: The portal to God and Spirit” and “Women in Psychedelics”. Her soul’s passion is entheogenic education, the prevention of psychedelic induced trauma and integration aftercare through a variety of harm reduction initiatives and private coaching. In 2015, she began to extensively volunteer her time to those in need of emergency integration support, while moderating online harm reduction discussion groups helping those harmed by psychedelic experiences or seeking further education and harm reduction information.

Workshop: Sustaining Santosha through Vedic Wisdom 

A workshop and discussion to explore the ancient wisdom of the Vedic tradition and learn practical tools for sustaining contentment and happiness in everyday life.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the Vedic teachings on Santosha and learn of modalities that anchor ourselves through the waves of life so that one may experience greater fulfillment, balance, and serenity. We will combine discussion, reflection, and experiential exercises to deepen understanding while providing a set of practical tools that can be utilized in your daily life.

Kristin H. Ratliff (Satsang Bird)

Kristin is a full time teacher of Integrative Holistic Health practices. She’s spent the last seven years studying immersive experiences of culture, religion, and spirituality around the world. During this time she grew to leading workshops, programs, and retreats on mind body medicine practices in domestic & international settings. Kristin is passionate to share practices that alleviate suffering of the physical, mental, & emotional bodies. Through study & experience she has learned that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional – and with the introduction of minor adjustments in daily habits over time – one can vastly reduce discomforts, physically & mentally, in everyday life.

Workshop: Human Ωptimization Mission

When we return home, one of the toughest battles is finding our truest identity. We grow up developing a certain set of behaviors that keep us safe in our environment. these behaviors become our identity. For many of us who have been put in combat-like situations, our behaviors become modified to allow us a greater chance of survival. Within those combat environments, if someone experiences a traumatic event, the warrior mentality is entrenched in the identity. Through my experience, I have found a way to strip the layers of distortion and uncover my path of healing and personal growth.

I am sharing my personal regimen in hopes that it may be a guide for those seeking to discover who they truly are. It takes commitment and faith, but this is only a temporary sacrifice to remove years of distortion. Once the program is complete, your true identity will be more readily at hand and the daily routines will be more manageable to maintain balance and stability. This is a powerful transformation and should with a guide and proper intentions. Have fun and enjoy the experience…  

Sgt. Ryan Begin USMC(ret.) 


Sgt. Ryan Begin felt a strong call to serve his country, post 9/11 and joined the Marine Corps. After two tours in Iraq, he was struck by a roadside bomb, losing his right elbow. Upon returning to the U.S. he endured 35 surgeries in under 3 years, becoming extremely addicted to the opiates and other pharmaceuticals he was being prescribed.  After 3 failed suicide attempts, and his life leading down a dark road, he discovered medical cannabis as a way to detox from the pharmaceuticals, starting him on a path to more natural ways of healing.  His cannabis advocacy is well known locally, in the state of Maine, and Federally, including a meeting with Governor Paul LePage. His work helped to convince the Governor not to veto a bill that would add PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for the Maine Medical Cannabis Program. Constantly in search of different modalities to facilitate his continued healing, he found Reiki, Qi Qong, Wim Hof, and Kundalini breathing. His fortuitous reconnection with a veteran he met on this path, Ian Benouis, got him invited to Mexico to participate in a medicine circle with sacred natural ceremonial medicines. His heart’s passion is now focused on helping other veterans navigate their way back to a non-combative society without having to experience so much darkness. He dreams of one day owning a remote Veterans Healing Center in the woods near his childhood home in Jackman, Maine. Allowing them to disconnect from society, become more connected with nature, and process the wounds of war to rebuild their lives after combat. 


Workshop: Entheogenic Journey Work

Come discuss the importance of ceremony, creating sacred space, and setting intention when working with entheogens. Dr. Derrick will guide you through several shamanic journeys utilizing the drum as a tool to induce the brainwave state to travel I to other parts of consciousness. Discover your current power animal, your spirit guide, and receive healings or messages from your new allies from the world of spirit. After completing this workshop you will be able to use your new tools to set a safe space for powerful healing while utilizing entheogens. 

Dr. Derrick Schull 

Dr. Derrick is a naturopathic doctor with a passion for utilizing the world of spirit to guide others on their healing journey. Trained in shamanic healing, he integrates medical intuition, entity removal, divination, and entheogenic ceremony to help others identify and resolve the root cause of their ailments and suffering. His greatest superpower comes out in his unique, integrative somatic release techniques that free the body from stuck emotions that interfere with the body’s ability to heal itself. Currently, Dr. Derrick spends his days consulting for an integrative anticancer company and guiding others on their healing and spiritual journeys as he travels the country.

Workshop: Core Wound Healing and Inner Child Work


During the first seven or so years of our lives, our brains primarily operate in the theta brain wave state, the state of the subconscious mind and of hypnosis. So, traumatic events are deeply programmed into our subconscious, affecting our adult life profoundly. These are core wounds on the personality level.

Also, during the first few years, we naturally hold “unity  consciousness”, until one day when suddenly we perceive that we are separate from “others” around us. This is the core wound on the universal level.

These wounds can be difficult to identify and work with because they are often deeply guarded by our inner child.

In this workshop, Diana will teach a powerful technique to self access, process and heal those stored memories, the emotional charge attached to them, and the stories you’ve made up about yourself as a result of them.

This is powerful healing! 

Diana Myers, M.Ed., M.Sc.,


Diana is a mystic, minister of metaphysics, natural empath, non-duality teacher, psychospiritual counselor, psychedelic preparation and integration guide, breathwork teacher and shamanically initiated OTAC medicine woman. 


Diana is the founder of The Psychedelic Society of America, Church of the Mystic Way and Mystic Breath 33. 


Her spiritual journey began at age three, when she confronted her Council of Elders, informing them that they had obviously made a mistake, sending her to Earth. 

In her quest for healing of past-life karma and present-life childhood trauma, Diana has devoted a lifetime to spiritual studies and practices. Eventually, her path led her to practice with several enthoegenic sacraments in sacred ceremonies, culminating with shamanic initiation in OTAC medicine (5-MeO-DMT). Her initiation ceremony allowed her to release the river of grief within her into Pachamama, clearing all karmic debts and opening her to living life completely refreshed on the spiritual level. 

The support that she has received for her life-long journey is the basis of the support she now offers to others through her professional practices. 




Workshop: Preparation and Space Holding Entheogenic Journeys

Join Carla Kieffer as she speaks about preparation for and space holding during Entheogenic journeys.  Whether you want to support yourself or others during these experiences, understanding how to prepare for and navigate these experiences can create a safe container to experience these transformational experiences

Carla Kieffer 

Carla is an IFS trained, certified Psychedelic Practitioner and Psychedelic Educator that provides preparation, facilitation,integration, micro-dosing support and experiential Psychedelic Guide training services. 

She has extensive personal experience facilitating retreats and individual journeys working with sacred sacraments and has supported many individuals and groups on their healing journeys, including Veterans and First Responders, entrepreneurs, and both seasoned and novice psychospiritual clients, walking with them on their path of healing and transformation. 

Carla is the founder of Kairos Integration, a company committed to providing safe, supportive, and transformative preparation, facilitation, and integration services to those that choose to experience altered states. She believes it is our birthright to have access to these experiences and considers it an honor to support those that choose this path.

 Workshop: Co-Evolution of Mushrooms and Humanity



This presentation is dedicated to showing and questioning the nature of society, evolution, and civilization as an agenda of the Fungi as Creator. Hugh T Alkemi hopes through storytelling, art history and pointed questioning with the aid of media and science fiction to convince you that the Mycelium is the Higher Power, both the embodiment of Alien and Angelic forces, and that They are responsible for parasitic societal control and symbiotic co-evolution that leads humanity as stewards of the Cosmos.


Hugh T Alkemi

Hugh aka Trevahr Hughes, D. Div is the host of the EntheoRadio podcast on Psychedelic Science, Shamanism, and Altered States since 2010. He has been a shamanic minister in the Sacred Plant and Fungi space for over 13 years. His special areas of focus and experience include herbalism, alchemy (western and eastern), metaphysics, religion, tantra, and shamanism through human history worldwide. He is a father, ceremonialist, musician, oracle, astrologer, and shamanic teacher. His goals include community leadership and trauma resolution through shamanic ritual and sacraments such as Magic Mushrooms, Cactus and Salvia. Hugh has a practice in Arizona.

Workshop: Recovery and Psychedelics

Michelle will speak on her experience and the medicines that found her while in recovery.

Michelle Mantell 

Michelle is a plant and amphibian medicine facilitator.
She is trained in Ancestral Amazonian Cosmovision under TIATA Alejandro Ayruryu in Ecuador. She has experience in four years serving sacred ceremonies. And six years holding space in various churches and organizations. Her work focuses in integration of entheogenic medicines, shadow work coaching for woman and assisting in origin of health from addiction to psychedelic therapies. 

Workshop: Initiation into the temple and womb of the divine mother 

Her Sacred Womb, will begin with a sacred anointing by Jessica as an apprenticing Myrrophore (Holy Scent Priestess). The sacred and holy ethereal light will begin to guide us deeper into our bodies as Jessica
channels through the frequency and unconditional love of the Great Mother into the crucible. Initiates will be taken on a potent multidimensional healing journey in which their Heart will reveal and alchemize their shadow, blocking them from entering Her temple. In compassionate acceptance, initiates will receive Her light and endless love, as well as a revelation as to how their alchemical process will continue to unfold long after our sacred communion. 

Jessica Marie


Jessica is a certified integration coach. She also is the Founder of One World Heart Entheogenic Sanctuary and Mystery School. One World
Heart is a timeless etheric living alchemical temple of light that has been
occulted (or hidden) for thousands of years, inside of every one of us. In the crucible of the Heart, what is done for One is done for All, and since we are all connected, the temple has become made manifest. As said by the greatest alchemists of Time, including Thoth from the Egyptian Mysteries, “As Above, So Below.” Growing up in the humble suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, (affectionately called “the 313,”) she began studying an eclectic mix of occult sciences at 18, and began her walk on the Path of the Priestess at 19. While on the path, she also learned and fully integrated other modalities, including Abrahamic Christianity and Islam. Graduating from Western Michigan University with a B.A. in Science, her employment background includes Pharmaceutical and DME sales, and long term care consulting. After an inexplicable autoimmune illness disabled and took her livelihood, she was blessed with her beautiful daughter and led down the beautiful healing path of Our Holy Sacraments. Extensive mentorships with the Sacraments and indigenous shamanic training by the Seri in Mexico have left her humbled and grateful to share all that she has learned and
alchemized with the world. She has awakened within the ancient collective dream of achieving Heaven On Earth. She is here to graciously welcome each Heart back home, to which of course the journey began and ended, within that very Heart. You can connect with Jessica at

Workshop: Initiation into the temple and womb of the divine mother 

Before we enter the Great Mother’s womb, Soultech Shamama
will guide us through an all-gender-friendly Goddess Embodiment Activation.Together we will flow through a gentle moving meditation that incorporates the power of gestures, breathwork, & imagination to create space in our body so the Great Mother can fill up every cell of our multi-dimensional being with Unconditional Love.

Crystal Ketterhagen


Soultech Shamama (Crystal K) is the founder of Soultech Sanctum, a 21st Century Spiritual Tribe based in Madison, WI. Crystal grew up in the redwoods of California before circumnavigating the globe studying Eastern Religions and Medical Anthropology via Semester at Sea. She went on to New College, an honors college in Florida where she studied everything from Sanskrit and Organic Chemistry to Bio-psychology. After college, Crystal lived at a yoga ashram in the Pocono mountains for 10 years
where she was managing editor for (which was recently incorporated by Now Soultech Shamama is bringing together the #SoutechFam through Soultech Sanctum so we can evolve from conscious creators to superconscious co-creators with ease and grace while raising our collective vibration exponentially. Eternally curious and a creatrix at heart, Soultech Shamama  shares her creations of sacrament and 100% Natural CrystalTech via



Workshop: ATMA Church Community Mastermind

Join Whitney and members of ATMA church in a community sharing circle. Let’s connect with intention together. Learning who is in our community, what they have to offer, and share our collective energy together to support each other in this space. 

Whitney Lasseter



Whitney is the founder and visionary of ĀTMA Church: All Tribes Medicine Assembly in Austin Texas. She’s studied and participated in Ancestral Medicine traditions from around the world including the Sun Dance. Whitney is an initiated medicine woman, and a humble steward and student of many of our sacred medicines.

She shares that Community is one of the most powerful medicines we have and finds great joy in calling us to unite in ecstatic celebration for the magical gift of being alive. Join her at ĀTMA Church the 1st Sunday of every month for this gathering and on the 3rd Sunday of every month for Nature Church. 

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