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Psilomethoxin and the Ancient Prophecy

The Church of Psilomethoxin believes modern-day humans are now living in a time of prophecy. As such, the Church subscribes to several ancient indigenous prophecies which it believes to be relevant, and which serve to help our members better understand the times in which we are living.  Perhaps the most well-known and widely believed is the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. 

According to the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, there would come a time when the people of the Eagle, which is representative of the non-indigenous peoples of North America, would be technologically advanced in the material plane, ravaging the earth, and completely disconnected from spirit. In contrast, the prophecy states there would also be the people of the Condor, which is representative of all the indigenous people of the Americas, but more so reference the indigenous peoples and tribes of South America. The people of the Condor, according to the prophecy, would be technologically advanced on the spiritual/metaphysical plane and living in sacred reciprocity with Mother Earth.

The prophecy states that to save the planet, and bring humanity back into alignment with the spirit of mother nature, the people of the Condor would share their spiritual/metaphysical technology and knowledge with the people of the Eagle, which would assist them in connecting with their spirit and the spirit of the Earth. Accordingly, the Earth would be saved, and humanity would come back into alignment with the planet and with each other.

The Church believes the circumstances described by the prophecy have come to fruition and are now manifest in our world. As we see, the non-indigenous peoples of North America are very advanced technologically and have used this material wisdom in to amass material wealth, thereby inflicting grave damage upon our planet in the process. This part doesn’t require much elaboration as this situation should be self-evident to most.

However, what may not be so clear for many of our members, is the extent to which South American indigenous peoples (and those of North America) are sharing their spiritual/metaphysical knowledge and technology. As many are aware, over the last ten to twenty years, increasing numbers of non-indigenous peoples from North America have been traveling to South America to participate in sacred entheogenic ceremonies and other spiritual practices of the indigenous tribes of South America. To a certain extent, many non-indigenous peoples of North America have also been participating in sacred Native American ceremonies and learning their intricate spiritual knowledge. 

 These indigenous practices, particularly those of South American indigenous peoples and tribes (people of the Condor), have now been transplanted to North America and are happening here on this continent in increasing frequency. More specifically, entheogen-based religious ceremonies, based upon the practices of indigenous tribes have grown in popularity amongst non-indigenous peoples of North America over the last ten or so years. As such, the Church believes this to be a sign that the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is being fulfilled. 

Many of the non-indigenous peoples of North America are starting to develop their spirituality and are becoming more eco-conscious and friendly as these indigenous beliefs and practices are spread throughout North America. To date, the Church believes great progress has been made in bringing the peoples, technology, and spiritual knowledge of indigenous people to the non-native people of North America. Things are looking up!

However, the sharing of knowledge and technology, as envisioned in the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor has encountered some roadblocks. More specifically, many indigenous tribes and people (both of South and North America) are extremely hesitant and reluctant to share their wisdom and technology as contemplated by the Prophecy. To this end, identity politics and even claims to own or assert exclusive dominion over certain entheogenic plants and cacti have been advanced by many indigenous peoples and tribes. However, the Church believes this reluctance to share wisdom and technology is dissonant with what was predicted by the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor.

In fact, just prior to the discovery of our sacrament, Psilomethoxin, the discord amongst certain indigenous peoples and tribes and non-native peoples of North America had reached an all-time high. This discord between these two groups of peoples started to disenfranchise and exclude non-native peoples from sharing the spiritual/metaphysical knowledge and wisdom of indigenous peoples. Many non-native peoples feel that the sacramental use of entheogenic plants, fungi, and cacti is the way forward for them to come into accord with their own divinity and mother nature. However, with claims of ownership over nature looming, many people turned away and resumed their destructive lives.

As stated elsewhere on our site, Psilomethoxin has only once been synthesized in 1965. Other than its initial synthesis, there is no evidence in the historical record that it was ever synthesized again. Then in 2021, the leaders of the Church were able to acquire Psilomethoxin via feeding the God molecule to sacred mushroom substrates.  This revelation and discovery couldn’t have come at a more synchronicitous time. 

Because Psilomethoxin is a new and novel tryptamine, it is void of any lineage, history of use, and/or claim to ownership. Unlike many other entheogenic plants, fungi, and cacti, which have been the subject of ownership/exclusivity claims of various indigenous peoples and tribes, Psilomethoxin is truly a universal sacrament that, the Church believes, has been bestowed upon all peoples of the earth, for purposes of attaining the requisite spiritual/metaphysical knowledge necessary to finally fulfill the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. It is the Church’s belief that Source manifested the Psilomethoxin sacrament exactly for this purpose and did so at a time when it was most desperately needed. 

The Church also believes that Psilomethoxin is a physical manifestation of the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. To produce Psilomethoxin, the material/technological knowledge of the people of North America (chemistry) is used to synthesize 5-MEO-DMT (the God molecule), which is then fed to sacred mushroom substrates, which symbolizes the spiritual/metaphysical knowledge and practices of indigenous peoples. When these two elements are mixed in the appropriate setting and with the appropriate intention and prayers, we are able to create Psilomethoxin mushroom fruiting bodies. These sacred mushroom-fruiting bodies are a physical manifestation of the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor. 

In accordance with its divine duty under the Eagle and Condor prophecy, the Church offers our sacrament to all aligned spiritual/religious practitioners, regardless of their ancestry. Our desire is that aligned spiritual/religious practitioners come together in cosmic unity and commune with Psilomethoxin. Through this process, we hope that all those who commune freely give and share knowledge and wisdom with one another so that we all may live in greater peace and harmony amongst ourselves and with Mother Earth. 

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