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When working with sacred entheogens for spiritual growth and healing, one must always remember the most important first step; building a relationship with the sacrament. Psilomethoxin, our sacrament, is no different. It is important for our members to give this sacred molecule the respect and reverence it deserves.

Since Psilomethoxin is a new and novel tryptamine, there is not much, if any, information out there to guide newcomers in taking their first dose. While the available information will surely expand over time, hopefully this article will provide some much-needed guidance on how our members should go about taking their first dose of our sacrament.  Below are some basic guidelines to follow and matters to consider when consuming a first dose of Psilomethoxin. 

Psilomethoxin doses, how much do I take?

Before I jump into these basic guidelines, it must be stated that if you have any serious preexisting mental or physical illnesses, or if you are taking any kind of medication which could be contraindicated, our suggestion is to consult with your physician before engaging our sacrament. 

As with any sacred entheogen, Psilomethoxin affects everyone slightly different. From our initial reports, it seems that some people may be sensitive to the sacrament the first few times they engage it. This is OK and perfectly normal. To date, no one has reported having a bad experience with our sacrament. 

Obviously, the first question in the mind of most when approaching their first dose of Psilomethoxin is “how much should I take.” This is an important question everyone should be asking approaching that first dose. As stated on the website, our sacrament come in two different dosages (180mg’s and 280mg’s). So, which one is the correct dosage for you? Well, there really is no way to know for sure, but hopefully we can provide some guidance to help you choose the proper one.

For the most part, our members have worked, sometimes extensively, with other entheogens. How sensitive one is to other entheogens will be a relevant consideration in picking the proper dosage of Psilomethoxin. If you have found in the past you require a smaller dose than others to achieve similar states of consciousness, then it would be wise to start with the 180 mg sacrament.Again, this seems to be a common denominator in those who have reported a sensitivity to Psilomethoxin. 

In addition to starting at the 180 mg dose, those who are particularly sensitive to other entheogens should also try and eat at least a light meal before consuming their first micro-dose of Psilomethoxin. Psilomethoxin is best taken with some food in your stomach. This should help our sacrament absorb at a slightly slower rate, thereby making the experience smoother and more manageable for new members. 

Effects of Psilomethoxin

After one has taken Psilomethoxin successfully a few times, they should have a pretty good handle on how it will affect them. From there, further experimentation could be warranted and potentially fruitful. Again, because everyone is different in the way they react to just about any form of stimulus, it is important to take our time and step in slowly. Only then, can we truly understand our reaction to things. 

In conclusion, when taking Psilomethoxin for the first time, it is always best to start with the lowest dosage, 180mg’s. Furthermore, it would also be beneficial to take your fist dose after eating a bit of food. Initial reports indicate this should provide a smooth and clean journey for first and second timers. From there, experiment with it as one would any other sacred entheogen. Again, the goal is to build a sacred and fruitful relationship with the sacrament. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

Much Love!!!

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