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Christmas Ceremony Prayer

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Happy holidays!!!  We at the Church of Psilomethoxin hope you are having a safe and blessed holiday!  Christmas is very significant for many reasons and today is a day that has been celebrated by peoples all over the world for longer than recorded history, as today is the day that the Sun starts on its new path across the sky.  As such, today is a day of reverence and rebirth.  Accordingly, I have prepared a prayer for a small intimate ceremony and celebration of ours at home.  Please excuse any punctuation or grammatical errors or irregularities, as I let these prayers just flow!!!  Much Love!!!

Dear Source/Spirit/God:

Let us come together today in ceremony and celebration

For all the blessings we have in our lives and for the opportunity to manifest into this incarnation, full of lessons and love, trials and tribulations

We recognize that today the Sun starts its new path across the sky, we honor its peaceful rest over the winter solstice

We seek to honor this period as our ancestors have since before recorded time.  May we remember and honor, as the ancestors intended, all the stories, myths, metaphors, art, and architecture they erected in recognition of this sacred solstice every year.

May those who seek answers outside of themselves, come to remember their true I Am nature, and choose to find, by digging deep within, that which they so tirelessly seek, but never find, without.

 May we, to the best of our ability carry on the beliefs and practices of our ancestors during this sacred ceremony and celebration.  We pray that we uncover more and more, their beliefs, their practices, and their truths.

We pray that our Sun, the creator and disseminator of sacred photons, bestow upon us all the creative life force and energy we need to build a more beautiful and harmonious life for ourselves, the collective, and Mother Earth.

We pray the Sun’s rays bestow upon us a harvest of abundant life, that we may never be forced to seek for that which we need, and to be grateful for every breathe we receive.

We pray that our Church and its members continue to be divinely guided and protected in all our endeavors and in all of our relations.

We pray that our projects, big and small, be blessed with divine guidance and inspiration so that we may better serve the collective.

We pray the sun’s beams illuminate even the deepest and darkest of our shadows, so that we may more easily recognize, accept, and integrate all that we once sought to avoid and deny within ourselves.

We pray for more love and peace in all of our relations, especially in those which we have previously deemed irreconcilable.

We pray for Mother Earth, and hope that each day more and more of humanity chooses to live in sacred reciprocity with her and her beautiful bounty.

We pray for bravery in all of our endeavors, that we day by day further transcend that fear frequency which seeks to bind us to its great illusion.

We pray for our family and our children, that they continue to grow, excel in their interests and talents, and go forth and prosper.  That the crops we sow today, be the bountiful harvest they reap generation after generation.

We pray that the seeds we sow during this lifetime be the bountiful harvest reaped by countless generations of our progeny.

We come to you source in complete awe, humility, and unconditional love and acceptance in these prayers which we lay on our altar.  We pray that every day we strive to achieve that perfect balance between egoic survival and cosmic unity, that we feel and know in our hearts our true unity, yet still maintain that degree of separation necessary for our own self-love, health, and vitality.  That we take this health and vitality and use it in service of the collective and throughout all our relations and endeavors. 

Finally, we pray for a blessing of this sacrament.  That it serve to guide us throughout this new cycle of the Sun.  That it assist us in syncing with the Sun’s energy and motion and that we too follow the path of the Sun, the beauty way.

And so it is!!!


13 thoughts on “Christmas Ceremony Prayer”

  1. Aww this is such a beautiful transmission ❤️ Bless you and all that put their energy into creating this community! This is going to be a transformational year 🌹

    1. Beautiful words.

      Thank you and the church for your guidance through this existence.


  2. “We pray the sun’s beams illuminate even the deepest and darkest of our shadows, so that we may more easily recognize, accept, and integrate all that we once sought to avoid and deny within ourselves.”
    This resonates with me Greg. I am recognizing that I have been doing the work needed for me to begin to not be totally identified with this ones personality. Hah! This feels good brother. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for saluting this audacious energetic event.. prayers up for you and your this season 🙏🏼🍄🐸🍄🙏🏼

  4. Wow. Beautiful, articulate, inspiring.
    You are an incredible writer with such a powerful voice, a leader. I’m so happy and honored to be here and look forward to everything coming.

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