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Probably the number one question we at the Church of Psilomethoxin receive, outside of “how is this new molecule produced,” is “what are the effects of Psilomethoxin?” This is a great question and to be honest, one that everyone should be asking prior to attempting to work with this very sacred molecule. Many who are coming to the church, do not know anyone who has had the opportunity to consume and test our sacrament. 

As a means of providing our potential members with some feedback they can hang their proverbial hat on, we made it a point from the beginning to dispense our sacrament to highly experienced and trained entheogen facilitators. Because Psilomethoxin is made using 5-MEO-DMT, the result being a 4-hydroxalated version of that molecule, we decided to dispense our initial batches of sacrament to highly experienced 5-MEO-DMT facilitators; and some preliminary data has been received! 

This article summarizes and discusses the notes of one highly experienced and respected facilitator (“facilitator”) who has extensive experience working with 5-MEO-DMT; in hopes it will provide those new to our sacrament some background and context for what they can expect their first time working with them. However, as the facilitator covered in this article states, “your mileage may vary” so please keep that in mind. Everyone’s experience will probably be different to varying degrees. 

Effects of Psilomethoxin

In their notes, the facilitator describes Psilomethoxin as being akin to the “gentle tail end” of a vaporized 5-MEO-DMT experience. The facilitator goes on to describe their experience as “tactile and heart opening” like MDMA but without the “edgy jaw-clenching energy.” We at the Church believe the heart opening experience of Psilomethoxin is the key in its ability to open us up to source energy and to feel closer to the cosmic unity of all things as we go about our daily lives and spiritual practice. 

After consuming a 180 mg capsule of our sacrament, the facilitator described their experience as a “beautiful graceful state of being” that was “gentle, smooth, loving.” They go on to note there was “no nausea,” “sensory enhancement in touch, smell, body and visual colors,” or “loss balance or coordination” and they were back to baseline at four hours. This last description bolsters the Church’s position that Psilomethoxin, our sacrament, is a very functional experience.

Many people who are just encountering Psilomethoxin might wonder, because it is produced in psilocybin mushroom substrates, how it compares to psilocybin mushrooms. In their notes, the facilitator also covers this comparison. According to them, the Psilomethoxin experience lasts about four hours. In comparison to vaporized 5-MEO-DMT, Psilomethoxin is a much longer-acting compound.  

In terms of overall effects, the facilitator comments that it is the perfect blend between psilocybin and 5-MEO-DMT, which makes sense, as Psilomethoxin is produced using both 5-MEO-DMT and sacred mushroom (psilocybin) substrates. On a deeper and metaphorical level, we at the Church believe Psilomethoxin represents the perfect balance between science/medicine (5-MEO-DMT) and spirit/nature (sacred mushroom substrates/fruiting bodies). Metaphysically, we believe that Psilomethoxin-infused mushroom fruiting bodies are a physical manifestation of the sacred reunion between these seemingly two polarities. 

What are the practical and spiritual uses of Psilomethoxin? This is also a very common question we receive. Fortunately, the facilitator also covers this issue in their notes. To this end, the facilitator opines that, for a deep trauma release and spiritual cleansing, 5-MEO-DMT would likely be a better sacrament than Psilomethoxin, probably due to the fact 5-MEO-DMT has a much stronger and sharper effect than Psilomethoxin, which is very gentle and functional for most people, especially at the microdose level. 

In contrast, the facilitator notes their belief that, for those who are looking to enhance their already existing spiritual practice, Psilomethoxin very well might be the sacrament for them. In our opinion, those who have had a significant journey with entheogens and were able to experience a deep and profound connection with Source energy, Psilomethoxin is a good and gentle daily reminder of that sacred connection. 

Effects of Psilomethoxin Church of Psilomethoxin
Effects of Psilomethoxin

Ultimately, the facilitator expresses that Psilomethoxin, for them, is a beautiful molecule and gets “two thumbs up.” This review is consistent with every review we have received to date, consisting of over 600 personal and anecdotal reports. As more data and feedback is received, we will continue to share this information with our membership. As stated on the landing page, we are in the process of integrating a research platform into our website and will be collecting data from members as they continue to work with our sacrament. 

Finally, we want to reiterate our commitment and respect for the privacy of our members. If you are a member of the Church of Psilomethoxin and you would like to submit a review to be covered in our blog or to be posted elsewhere on our website, please Contact Us and we will work to get your review considered and posted on the website. We would like to thank everyone that has signed up for membership and put their faith and trust into the Church and its mission. We will continue to grow and develop the church and our membership moving forward and encourage our members to refer friends and family who they feel are appropriate fits for our Church.

Much Love!!!

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