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Por el Bien de Todos – For the Good of All

Here at the Church of Psilomethoxin, we believe that serving the other self, or the collective, is the highest and most sacred expression of divine free will. As those of us who have experienced states of cosmic unity know, all beings are but sacred fractals of a divine whole. As such, while here on this earth, in this lifetime, our goal, both on the individual and collective level, is to serve each other, the collective humanity, and Mother Earth. To these ends, the Church is duly committed. We also encourage all our members to engage in service work wherever possible. The Church plans to provide our members with ample opportunities to help serve other individuals and charitable/non-profit organizations moving forward.

For its part, the Church has decided to use its platform and its membership to raise money for various non-profit and charitable causes. Accordingly, the Church has decided to use its Sunday Sacrament Services as a platform to raise money for various other non-profits and charitable causes.

Moving forward, the Church shall create partnerships and relationships with various non-profits and charities for the purpose of assisting these organizations in raising money and awareness for their causes. Once a partnership has been formally created and recognized, the Church plans to use one or more of its Sunday Sacrament Services to support each organization.

At each Sunday Sacrament Service, the Church will allow one of its partnered organizations to speak for 5-10 minutes about its mission and purpose, with an emphasis on any special projects for which it seeks to raise money or awareness. During the service, a link to the organization’s website and donation portal will be posted in the chat, so those in attendance will be able to donate during the Service, which will be open to the general public. Once the recorded Service is posted to the Church’s YouTube channel (coming soon), it will also include a forever link where viewers can go online and donate to the organization.

In addition to promoting the sponsored organization at the Sunday Service, the Church will also list each partnered organization on its website under a special “Sponsored Organizations” tab. This will include a block with the organization’s name, logo, a brief description of its purpose and mission, and appropriate links.

While this is our initial plan to help serve the collective, we will continue as a Church to seek out and accept other opportunities as well and hope our members also assist us in finding new and creative ways to serve both our local communities and the larger collective. If any of our members have any specific non-profits or charities it would like to recommend, please feel free to Contact Us.

We would like to note that everyone’s $55.55 yearly membership fee goes to help fund our ability to hold our Sunday Sacrament Services and to help keep our website maintained. As outlined above, we will be taking that money and using it to create a platform which will ultimately raise much more money and awareness for many different causes. Without our valued members, this would not be possible, so let us, the Church leadership, take this time to relate how grateful we are for our members.
Much Love!!!!

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