PsiloBuddies: Handmade Organic Sacrament-Infused Chocolates


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PsiloBuddies: Handmade Organic Sacrament-Infused Chocolates

Introducing PsiloBuddies, your companions on a delightful journey of introspection and bliss. Each chocolate is meticulously crafted with organic ingredients: rich cacao paste, smooth cacao butter, a touch of salt, fragrant vanilla, and organic agave. At 350mg per piece, PsiloBuddies offer a harmonious blend of the benefits of cacao and psilomethoxin, creating a truly unique sensory experience.

The Benefits of PsiloBuddies:

Organic Excellence: Made with the finest organic ingredients, PsiloBuddies ensure a pure and natural indulgence.

Cacao’s Delight: Enjoy the antioxidant-rich goodness of cacao, known for its mood-enhancing properties and sensory pleasure.

Psilomethoxin’s Exploration: Experience the gentle and loving embrace of psilomethoxin, perfect for those seeking introspection and spiritual connection.

Synergy in Every Bite:

PsiloBuddies combine the uplifting qualities of cacao with the subtle influence of psilomethoxin, enhancing your journey within while tantalizing your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a gentle microdose, or embarking on a deeper exploration of self, PsiloBuddies offer a delicious and meaningful way to connect with your inner world.

Treat yourself to a moment of mindfulness and discovery with PsiloBuddies. Embrace the synergy of organic cacao and psilomethoxin in every blissful bite.


Powdered Psilomethoxin mushroom fruiting bodies ***contains other natural mushroom alkaloids found in the Hillbilly Strain, organic Cacao Paste, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Agave, Organic Vanilla Extract, Pinch of Sea Salt

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