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Proper Storage and Handling of Psilomethoxin

As our work with the sacrament continues to deepen, and as we add more and more members to the Church, we are gaining a greater understanding of just how unique it is.  We previously published an article called Psilomethoxin: The History, Testing, Pharmacodynamics, and Pharmacokinetics where we talked about the testing methods that have been tried with our sacrament:

“We have performed GC-MS multiple times on our
sacrament and to date, no one has been able to detect the molecule using this
destructive testing process.  

GC-MS methods are not capable of directly analyzing
drugs that are nonvolatile (does not vaporize easily), polar (water soluble),
or thermally labile (destroyed by heat).

We believe that Psilomethoxin is non-volatile,
polar, and thermally labile and therefore a poor candidate for testing through
this process.”

We have received various anecdotal reports from our members that can attest to the sacrament being thermally labile. When our members added hot water to the sacrament in an effort to make a “tea” to drink- it rendered it inactive. The members reported not feeling any of the effects of the sacrament that they previously had when consuming it in its original form of powdered fruiting bodies- both experiences were taken from the same sample source.

We have also had members try the sacrament with highly acidic liquids like Coca-Cola and lemon juice, this too rendered the sacrament inactive and we believe destroyed the molecule before it could be consumed.

Storing the Sacrament:

We ship the sacrament in black bags that are impermeable to light. This is to preserve the potency of the sacrament. If stored correctly in these bags in rooms that have no excessive heat, and it is not exposed to excessive light or oxygen the sacrament can last for months without losing its potency.

It is also important to note that once the sacrament is exposed to water or moisture you make it biologically active.

To Recap here are some dos and don’ts of handling your sacrament:

  • Do not place the sacrament in high-temperature liquids- heat will cause it to become inactive destroying the molecule
  • Do not place the sacrament in highly acidic liquids (Coca-Cola, lemon juice…etc.) This too will cause it to become inactive destroying the molecule
  • Store the sacrament in the original packaging, at room temperature, and in dry and dark places.
  • Do not expose the sacrament to water unless ready to consume as that makes it biologically active.
  • The sacrament comes with a 150mg spoon- which is around the midrange of the micro dose level. We recommend starting with 150mg or less and then slowly adding more until you reach your individual sweet spot with dosage amounts. Dosing is not one size fits all, everyone will have their own range that they feel comfortable working with.

7 thoughts on “Proper Storage and Handling of Psilomethoxin”

  1. would storage in the refrigerator be advantageous? perhaps in an glass air-tight jar? in a light proof container? Good to know that heat, as in making tea, or mixing in acidic flavors is not helpful.

  2. Good to know. Any reports similar to mine re gastric issues if taken on an empty stomach or even with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil?
    Thank you

  3. Great to know, the first time I consumed the sacrament I put it in some tea. The tea wasn’t boiling but still pretty hot. I took 150mg and the effect for me was still very profound. It didn’t seem like the hot water had weakened it but I will definitely avoid consuming with hot water and see what the difference is. Thank you again for everything team Pcilo! This medicine is going to bring so much healing and awareness to our world. So very grateful ✨🙏🏼✨

  4. I guess this means I should wait on drinking coffee until the sacrament has been digested? Also when do people prefer to take it, is the morning more beneficial? I haven’t really noticed an effect, but I’ve taken it three times and each time upped my dose so today I took three scoops, I’ll probably rest at that for a while. Any help?

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      Yes it’s best to wait at least 30 min before drinking coffee or acidic beverages. Everyone will have a different dosage range where they are comfortable. Please note that if you are on any other medications like SSRIs this may affect the efficacy of the sacrament. Always speak to your medical provider before making any changes if that’s the case. Much Love

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