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Psilomethoxin and the Sacred Reunion of Science/Medicine with Nature/Spirit.

As stated in our previous writings, and as mentioned several times in our first ever Sunday Sacrament Service, the Church views its Sacrament, Psilomethoxin, as a physical manifestation of a Holy Reunion between science/medicine, nature/spirit, and religion.  However, we have yet to touch on how this Holy Union was once severed and why a reunion is desirable.  In this article, we will attempt to lay the foundation for the Church’s position on these issues.

As most are aware, in the West, we tend to try and neatly compartmentalize these subjects into different categories or schools of thought.  However, this was not always so.  In Living the Law of One 101: The Choice, author and Ra channeler, Carla Ruck states the following:

“Before this tidy state of affairs existed, scientific and religious studies were connected.  Medical and astronomical knowledge, chemistry and the study of the elements were tightly linked to a mystical kind of discipline called alchemy.  In ancient times, the great Hermetic thinkers of Egypt and Greece did not separate matters of faith and philosophy from matters of science.  The rich allegorical texts of alchemists still offer a sophisticated and subtle exploration into the interconnectedness between the microcosm and the macrocosm; man as a soul and creation as a whole”

So what happened?  What event or sequence of events in history led to the unholy divorce of matters of faith from matters of science?  In Living the Law of One, Ruck goes on to explain that “[i]n the Thirteenth century C.E., Saint Thomas Aquinas changed the course of scientific study completely.  He chose in his pivotal theological writings to separate matters of faith from matters of this world, which included, for him, scientific inquiry.”

The result of Saint Thomas Aquinas’s works, according to Ruck, is now the “…general assumption is made by many people, both scientists and non-scientists, that there exists a distinct separation between the study of science and the study of all the arts, metaphysics, philosophy; and further that this is an appropriate separation.” 

Moreover, states Ruck, “Since science and its application in technology have created the gadgets which have increasingly made our civilization hum during the past two centuries, scientists have become the “priests” of our culture, taking the niche of trusted judgment over from religious figures.  Rational thought and empirical observation have become accepted as respected way to seek the truth.  Faith has pretty much been consigned to the foolish and naïve.”

While there have been several prominent scientists over the years who were not extreme rationalists, Ruck specifically points to Albert Einstein as not being a “thoroughgoing rationalists.”  She cites to a very compelling statement made by Einstein.  She quotes him as saying, “science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”  According to Ruck, “[h]e was eighty years ahead of his time in making that statement.  His unified look at the two disciplines of thought and study was quite prophetic!”  We at the Church tend to agree with Ruck’s assertion.

So, what consequences have manifested from the unholy divorce?  Well, it is the Church’s position that we will never be able to fully calculate or comprehend the full extent of these consequences, positive or negative.  However, we believe that Mother Nature has taken the brunt of the blowback. 

More specifically, while initially humans looked to nature and spirit for their healing and divination, when this divorce occurred, humans increasingly, over time, looked to other humans (science and western medicine) to fill that void.  The result being the redefining of human’s relationship with Mother Nature and its antagonistic attitude towards her, which has resulted in the Earth being on the brink of ecological crisis.  

Not only do we see this play out in science and medicine, but even religion was forever changed.  As most are aware, Mother Nature provides us with plenty of naturally occurring sacraments (psilocybin, 5-MEO-DMT, NN-DMT, etc.) which allow humans the ability to directly experience Divinity.  However, subsequent to the divorce, these modes of primary experience were replaced with secondary religious phenomena (such as Holy Books and texts) and religious leaders and clerics, who represent an additional layer of separation between human and direct experience of the Divine.

There are plenty of accounts of entheogen-based religious practices being persecuted and eradicated throughout time, being replaced by these incidents of secondary religious phenomena.  We will go further into this subject in later writings but suffice it to say that the push to replace the direct experience with secondary phenomena was swift and brutal.   The Church makes no judgment against those who sought to squander these original spiritual/religious practices.  Everything occurs in divine timing, order, and sequence.  The rise of entheogen-based religious practices is just a swing of the pendulum in the opposite direction (away from secondary religious phenomena).  This is a perfectly normal transition back to the old, as it comports with many of the Hermetic Principles and the universal laws.

We at the Church believe, like Albert Einstein insinuated, that science and religion belong together, at least to a certain extent.  Our Holy Sacrament, being a product of synthesized 5-MEO-DMT (science/medicine) with sacred mushroom substrates (spirit/nature) represents, to the proper degree, in our opinion, a physical manifestation of the reunion of these two seemingly polarized camps.      

To date, we have been contacted and are working with some of the most esteemed scientific and medical professionals in the world.  We are in the process of fostering mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships with these individuals and organizations. We are extremely grateful for those who have reached out and are willing to work with us.  Many state they agree with many of our spiritual/religious views, as expressed herein.

Our hope is that through our religious/spiritual practice, we can explore and zero in on the proper degree of reunion between these two camps.  As always, we are committed to improving the quality of life of our members and the larger collective in everything we do.  Serving the collective is the number one objective of the leadership here at the Church. 

As a parting note, there are many ancillary issues raised in this article which will be separated, to the degree they can be, and explored in much depth through later writings and services.  If anyone has any questions or comments regarding the content of this article, please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Much Love!!!! 

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  1. Indeed yes, similar in spirit to the work of Ann and Alexander Shulgin in the avenue of Psychopharmacology.
    I’m pretty sure they both would have been very interested in these new developments.

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