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Microdosing Psilomethoxin


Let us begin by expressing how grateful we are for our members and supporters! All the goodwill and words y’all express really keep us going when times get tough. Thank you for all your hard work and support!

Covering the basics

This article will begin to cover one of the most frequent questions we get: “How should I dose the Sacrament?” Before we jump into any specifics, we would like to mention a couple of items we always cover when answering this question individually. First, Psilomethoxin, our Sacrament, while being ultimately of Divine Origin, is also of a recent origin. Our Sacrament was discovered by the Church’s founding members over a year ago. Our official anniversary for the Church of the Sacred Synthesis-The Church of Psilomethoxin was November 25th. While we went public in September of this year, we spent almost a whole year working with our Sacrament amongst our Soul Tribe. Through this period of bioassay testing, we were able to discern some general protocols when working with our Sacrament.

However, we only have approximately ten months’ worth the data to work with. As such, we rely on our current members to experiment with the Sacrament and report back to us, so that we may provide even more complete and full information for new and incoming members. Our only requirement for members, in dosing the Sacrament, is that they do so from a place of utmost respect and reverence for the Sacrament. At the very least, this means that we expect our members to receive the Sacrament in a sacred, ritualistic and responsible manner.

Through this, we are putting the power over spiritual growth, development, and practices back to our members. This is a necessary step to ultimately achieve awareness of our “I Am” nature. In any event, we by no means want to leave our members in the dark as it relates to a general starting point for working with the Sacrament. That is what we shall provide through this article.

Advice for microdosing psilomethoxin

It is the Church’s opinion that our Sacrament is most effective for spiritual growth and progress when microdosed on a daily or semi-daily basis. We are working on certifying ceremony facilitators through our church, at which time we will gather intelligence and publish general guidelines for ceremonial dosages. If our members want to work with ceremonial amounts in the interim, we have no objection and to the extent it helps to deepen our members’ spiritual/religious practice and connection with the Divine, we encourage it done in a sacred and reverential manner.

It is our opinion that daily microdoses should start anywhere between 50mg and 300 mg. We recommend eating at least a bit of healthy food before consuming your microdose. When food is consumed prior to dosing, it helps to smooth out the experience, as well as seemingly prolong its’ Divine and positive aspects. While we do not believe any safety concerns warrant eating prior to consuming the Sacrament, we do believe that doing so increases its spiritual efficacy.

It must be noted that our Sacramament, Psilomethoxin, does not seem to have a tolerance build-up, like other entheogens such as psilocybin. Therefore, it can be taken in successive doses with increasing or similar effects. Most importantly, it can be taken every day with the same or substantially similar effects.

Implicated here as well, is the notion of titrating doses, meaning one could start with a 150 mg dose, give it an hour or so, and increase or decrease if they feel so called or moved by Spirit. Then one can work up or down to find where they get the most benefit. Again, we encourage our members to do their own work with the Sacrament, see what resonates with them, and if so called, to report back to us so we can collect the data for future articles and guidelines. It would be much appreciated.

To date, we have noticed that some of our members are very much stuck in a westernized medical model, even as it relates to their deep spiritual work. No problem. But we ask that members realize we are not a medical facility or organization. We are a religious organization; one that believes we are all Divine manifestations of Source. As such, we believe that we all have sovereignty over our bodies and what we choose to or not to consume.

Our sacrament doesn’t require a third party to inform you of exact dosages and protocols. We believe that this is a Divine manifestation of Source Energy. As such, the medicine itself, if respected, will gently guide our members to where they need to be on dosage and timing. We have faith in all our members to navigate these waters for themselves.

Psilomethoxin at higher doses (ceremonial dosages)

Finally, we will briefly discuss ceremonial dosages of our Sacrament, Psilomethoxin. However, we will not recommend any certain dosage for ceremonies, as we all will react a bit differently to the Sacrament. In accordance with many entheogen-based religious lineages, we believe the medicine will guide us every time we work with it out of respect and reverence. However, we will defer to where we mentioned the lack of tolerance build-up and the ability to titrate dosages. More specifically, we believe that one can find the proper ceremonial dose by titrating up from their preferred microdose.

We recommend finding a day of significance for you, clearing all your plans, setting up a sacred space, opening that space, and titrating the sacrament until you feel like you have reached the point where you derive the most beneficial experience. Again, any and all reports back to the Church in these regards would be very much appreciated and used for a good purpose (informing new and incoming members on protocols and suggested practices).

Pioneers of a new lineage

In conclusion, we, members of The Church of Psilomethoxin, are creating our own brand-new lineage. Because Psilomethoxin is the Universal Sacrament, we encourage people of all traditions and ancestries to work with our Sacrament in accordance with their conscience. If the practice is sacred and respectful of our Sacrament, there is no wrong way to do it. We will soon be publishing some material on ideas for proper microdosing rituals. Through this, we hope to better inform our members on opening sacred space and placing intention into their everyday lives. Again, we are extremely grateful for all our members and supporters, we hope that this article is helpful for you and your spiritual/religious practice with our Sacrament, Psilomethoxin. As always, if anyone has any questions regarding the content of this post or any other, please feel free to Contact Us.

Much Love!!!!

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  1. Great article, thanks for writing it! I will definitely add to the data as I build my relationship to the sacrament

  2. I’ve been experimenting with 200mg doses. I really feel it, and I can go on with my day, but for me it’s not a microdose at all. 4 days ago I did it in the morning and then again about 5pm and didn’t notice much at all that evening compared to how it normally feels. I think I’ll try 100mg for a few days.

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