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Evidence and Data Regarding the Safety of Psilomethoxin Sacrament

Safety is and has always been a first and foremost concern for the leadership at the Church.  As such, when we first discovered Psilomethoxin, we took great care and attention in dispensing the sacrament.  To this end, we slowly distributed our sacrament to members of our existing communities of entheogen-based religious/spiritual practitioners.  In doing this, we were careful to collect the maximum amount of feedback from everyone so involved.  Through this process, we kept an open heart and mind, seeking to collect data in a non-biased, fair and equitable manner.

After dispensing approximately 25,000 micro doses of our sacrament, to approximately 2,000 people, we have gathered some significant anecdotal data regarding the effects and safety profile of our sacrament.  As far as its effects are concerned, feedback across the board has been that our sacrament is new and unique in that its effects do not match, to any significant degree, any other known entheogens, natural or synthetic, previously existing on Earth.  Reports regarding specific effects vary a bit, but most agree that the experience is not visionary to any significant degree, and that its mysticism mostly lies in its energetics. 

Most experienced practitioners agree that the best religious use of this substance lies in the daily or semi-daily micro dosing of the sacrament.  While a deep trauma release isn’t out of the cards, it is best implemented into a frequent and continuous religious practice, post-deep trauma release.  Finally, as to effects, we have received many reports stating the belief that the sacrament possibly has neuroprotective and/or neurogenerative effects.

In terms of safety, the initial data indicates that our sacrament does not have a significant risk profile.  After dispensing sacrament to over 2,000 individuals, who consumed the sacrament and reported back, we have yet to receive one negative report indicating the sacrament might be dangerous and/or comes with any undesirable or harmful side effects.  We remain open to receiving contrary evidence and will pass on any pertinent data received to our members and the general public.

It must be noted that FDA-approved clinical trials utilize a significantly smaller population of people in validating the safety profile of new drugs.  For instance, during Phase I of clinical trials, which is focused on the safety of a specific compound, only about 20-80 people are utilized.  Phase II clinical trials, which is mostly focused on effectiveness, utilizes 100-300 people.  Phase III, which is a study aimed at a much larger population, can include anywhere from 300-3,000 people.  By the time 2024 rolls around, we feel confident that we will have dispensed sacrament to more people than even the largest of clinical trials.

 In order to validate our existing data, as has been previously stated, we will be rolling out a third-party research platform which will collect anonymously, among other measures, safety data.  Therefore, we will be able to further substantiate the anecdotal reports and analyses we have received to date.  We are very fortunate and blessed to have been given an opportunity to engage the scientific community in monitoring our members’ safety and progress over time.  We are committed to sharing the independent third-party reports of the data received to our membership and the general public as information is received and analyzed.

In conclusion, the safety profile of our sacrament has, and always will be monitored by the Church, with an open heart and mind.  It is against our most deeply held and felt beliefs to ever cause harm to another, under any circumstances.  As data is gathered in the future it will be shared.  However, to date, a substantial pool of data already collected indicates our sacrament has an impeccable safety profile.

Much Love!!!

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  1. Divine! Truly sensational insight. And yes most definitely the sacrament allows for deep perspective into self psyche and the auric vibrations. Definitely a euphoric experience of remembrance. ❤️‍🔥🌺🌈🔥🙏✨💕

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