Church of The Sacred Synthesis

Core Beliefs

Cosmic Unity– We believe at the heart of the entheogen-induced primary religious/mystical experience is the concept of cosmic unity (the unity of all things). We also believe that, when used with the proper intention and within the proper context, entheogens have the ability to reliably effectuate these experiences in humans. For us, the experience cosmic unity is the ultimate moral compass. In that experience, of divine unity with all that is, we come to understand how we should be treating other beings and the environment. We believe the age old “golden rule,” which transcends so many religious and spiritual traditions, is experienced and downloaded through the experience of cosmic unity, especially as effectuated through an entheogen-induced primary religious/mystical experience. 

Radical Inclusion– In accord with the principle and experience of cosmic unity, we believe that all beings in existence are individual fractals of one divine consciousness. Accordingly, we believe that all humans are divine manifestations of one source of ultimate divine consciousness. Therefore, our Church is committed to the radical inclusion of all aligned human beings into our membership, regardless of any of their attributes.

Principle of Resonance versus Dissonance– In accordance with the principle of cosmic unity, we believe in energetic resonance versus dissonance. We believe those things that serve to divide humans and other beings are dissonant with the principle of cosmic unity and should be, to the extent possible or feasible under the circumstances, avoided. However, those things that serve to unite humans and other beings are resonant with the principle of cosmic unity and

should be sought, harnessed, and supported.

“I AM” Nature– The Church also believes that its sacrament is an extremely sacred substance which allows us to experience our inner divinity. We are famously known as the Church of “I AM” because we want to empower our members to stop seeking outside of themselves for the Divine. Through faithfully working with our Sacrament and making necessary life changes, our members can identify and communicate with their own inner Divinity.

Non-dogmatism– We believe in the principle of non-dogmatism. History has shown that dogmatism in religion (i.e. the doctrine of separating believers versus non-believers) is undesirable and serves more to divide human beings (therefore being dissonant with the principle of cosmic unity) than to unite human beings (therefore being resonant with the principle of cosmic unity). Therefore, in accordance with our foundational belief in cosmic unity, we are a non-dogmatic Church. We do not dictate dogmatic beliefs and/or commands, the Church does realize the importance of exploring and finding acceptable and individualized answers to many of life’s ultimate, general, and specific questions. For instance, we believe that a modicum of inner peace and tranquility can be attained by those who seek and find answers to life’s ultimate questions such as: What is the nature of reality? Where did I come from? What is the purpose of life? What is the nature of life and death?, etc. To this end, the Church holds regular bi-weekly Sunday Services where we explore the answers to these questions through a wide variety of ancient and modern religious and scholarly texts on these issues.

Purpose of our Church– We believe the purpose of our Church is to provide a safe and loving container for our members’ spiritual seeking. We believe that the process of seeking answers and guidance to life’s ultimate, general, and specific life questions is an innate quest in humans. As such, the mission of our Church is to provide a safe and loving container for our Members to seek sufficient answers to these questions within the context of our sacred and loving community.

Universal Sacrament– We believe our sacrament is the true universal sacrament. Other entheogenic sacraments, which have been used religiously for thousands of years across the globe, have been marred in recent times by identity politics and claims by some groups of complete ownership over some naturally occurring entheogenic sacraments. These claims, being dissonant with the principle of cosmic unity, are not in accord with our foundation beliefs. As such, we believe that Source/Creator/God gifted our Sacrament to all of humanity for the purpose of fulfilling the Eagle and Condor prophecy.

Human Lineage– The Church believes the respectful and intentional consumption of our Sacrament is a human lineage and any human being has full right and title to engage in its intentional and respectful use in accordance with the dictates of their own conscience, regardless of their sex, race, ethnicity, blood line/lineage, etc. 

Integration as a spiritual/religious practice– The Church believes that integrating entheogen- induced spiritual/religious experiences, while secondary to the sacramental consumption of entheogens, is also a very important part of our overall spiritual/religious practice. In this, we place value on the primary spiritual/religious experience over secondary religious phenomena. On a fundamental level, the spiritual/religious practices of our Church are no different than that of other established religions. Most established religions rely on the text of a holy book, usually mediated through a third-party clergy, as a primary means of imparting answers to ultimate questions as well as general and specific life guidance to adherents. These are what the academics call secondary religious phenomena, as they are not based on a direct spiritual/religious experience of the adherent. Our Church relies on the direct spiritual/religious experience as the primary means through which our members connect with the Divine and receive the answers and guidance they seek.  Through integration, our members share their experiences openly in a sacred and loving container so that they may receive insight from others and better understand the messages they received from the Divine.

Reciprocity of energy exchange/sacred reciprocity– We believe in the sanctity of reciprocal energy exchange (i.e. sacred reciprocity). In all of our relations, the Church believes we should strive to enter into equal energy exchanges with other beings and with Mother Earth. We should respect and be good stewards, especially of Mother Earth, to the extent feasible, at all times. 

Entheogen-induced primary religious/mystical experiences– The Church relies primarily on our member’s own primary religious/mystical experiences working with our Sacrament as the primary means by which seek and attain answers to all of life’s ultimate questions and to provide guidance on life’s general and specific questions. The process of seeking and attaining answers to our questions is supported through group and 1-on-1 integration groups and meetings. In this scenario, integration providers and other community members help other members make sense and discern guidance from their primary religious/mystical experiences. Therefore, our Church is fundamentally very similar to other established religions in that our practice involves the discernment and interpretation of religious/mystical experiences. However, our Church differs from most established religions in that we rely strictly on primary, as opposed to secondary, religious phenomena. 

Sacred reunion of science/medicine with nature/spirit/religion/faith– We believe that our Holy Sacrament represents a holy and divine reunion of science/medicine and nature/spirit/religion (Sacred Mushroom substrates).

Respect for divine free will and radical self-expression– In accordance with the principle of cosmic unity, we believe that all humans should have the space to express themselves in any manner, to the extent it does not intrude upon the divine free will of another human being. In fact, we believe that such radical self-expression is a pure and sacred expression of our divine Creator/Source/God and should be respected as such. 

Spirit permeates all planes of existence– We believe the spiritual plane of existence permeates all other planes of existence (physical and mental). More specifically, as it relates to human beings, their spiritual being or essence permeates through both the mental and physical planes. In fact, we believe that these planes of existence are so interwoven or intertwined that they cannot truly be separated.

The sacramental consumption of entheogens as shared world religious heritage– The Church believes the sacramental consumption of entheogens, as a spiritual/religious practice, is a very ancient practice which was consummated in all major areas of the world in antiquity. As such, these practices are our “shared world religious heritage.” The shift back towards these practices and the primary religious/mystical experiences induced thereby, we see occurring today, is a shift back to where humanity left off so many years ago. Being called back to entheogen-based spiritual/religious practices is a perfectly natural evolution in human behavior and thought.

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