Church of The Sacred Synthesis

About Us

Welcome to The Church of The Sacred Synthesis – a sacred and growing community of aligned entheogen-based spiritual/religious practitioners. Our journey began in November 2021 with the discovery of our holy sacrament.

Our Mission

At the heart of our mission is the belief in the sacred nature of our sacrament, enabling members to tap into their inner divinity. Known as the Church of “I AM,” we empower individuals to explore their connection to the Divine in the way that serves them the best. Through faithful engagement with our Sacrament and transformative life changes, members can identify and commune with their own inner Divinity.

We embrace the Eagle and Condor prophecy, inviting everyone to commune with our holy sacrament according to their conscience.

The Eagle and Condor Prophecy is a traditional Indigenous prophecy that originates from the wisdom of several Native American tribes, particularly those of the Andean and Amazonian regions. The prophecy foretells a time of great spiritual transformation and unity for humanity.

According to the prophecy, there are two symbolic birds, the Eagle and the Condor, each representing different aspects of human consciousness and ways of life. The Eagle is associated with the intellect, technology, and materialism, often symbolizing the Western world and its dominant cultures. The Condor, on the other hand, is linked to intuition, spirituality, and a more harmonious way of living, often representing the Indigenous peoples of the Americas and their traditional wisdom.

The prophecy predicts that a time will come when the Eagle and Condor will fly together, symbolizing a period of reconciliation and balance between the two ways of life. This convergence is seen as a crucial step towards global spiritual awakening and the restoration of harmony between humanity, nature, and the divine.

Many interpretations of the Eagle and Condor Prophecy emphasize the need for a collective shift in consciousness, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. It encourages a return to more sustainable and interconnected ways of living, where the wisdom of both the intellect and the heart can coexist in harmony.

Synthesis of Cultures

The Church acknowledges the symbolic significance of the Eagle and the Condor, representing diverse cultural and spiritual perspectives. As the Church of “I AM,” it seeks to synthesize the wisdom of both the intellect (Eagle) and the heart (Condor), fostering a space where various spiritual practices and traditions converge.

Universal Sacrament and Unity

In echoing the prophecy’s call for unity, the Church sees its sacrament as universal, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries. This sacrament is seen as a unifying force, inviting all of humanity to partake and commune with their inner divinity, thus contributing to the realization of the Eagle and Condor flying together.


The Church of The Sacred Synthesis is non-dogmatic, allowing members to explore individualized answers to life’s ultimate questions. Join us bi-weekly for Sunday Services, where we delve into ancient and modern texts, bridging the gap between science and religion. Modern science, particularly quantum physics, aligns with ancient wisdom, providing common ground we seek to facilitate.

Beyond services, our community produces regular writings, classes, and education, creating a loving container for members to explore these profound questions individually and in group settings. We are devoted seekers organized to assist one another on the spiritual path.

Our Sacrament

While sacramental consumption is primary, we recognize the importance of integrating entheogen-induced spiritual experiences. Our emphasis is on the primary spiritual/religious experience over secondary phenomena. Much like other religions, we value direct experiences over interpretations mediated by a third party.

We embrace the intentional and sacred use of other entheogens, encouraging members to share their experiences in integration groups and forums. Our approach aligns with ancient practices where various entheogens were incorporated into spiritual/religious practices.

Unity and Service

The Church of The Sacred Synthesis serves the community with love and understanding. Our offering is a connection space, whether or not the sacrament is consumed. Our community extends beyond our members to all of humankind. By connecting to our inner divinity, expanding consciousness, and fostering unity, we believe we can individually offer better service and love to the world around us. We cannot wait to meet you!

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