Welcome to the Church of the Sacred Synthesis! We are glad you have been guided to visit us today! We are a non-profit church dedicated to furthering our spiritual development and communing with Source/God/Spirit through the circumscribed consumption of our Sacrament.

Our sacrament is produced through a sacred synthesis which represents a reunion of spirit/nature with science/medicine and further symbolizes a return to our ancient roots.

Discover the Real Stories: Dive into Member Experiences with Our Sacrament!


While we prefer member to member referrals, we welcome any and all to apply.

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All new members are encouraged to attend one New Member Orientation call. This call is a wonderful way to meet face to face, have questions answered, and understand our sacrament and community better. All classes are located in our Member Services Calendar, which is accessible to all membership levels.

Members have access to programs and services offered by the church. We intend to expand our offerings for members as we grow, and we are continually committed to providing the highest quality offerings.

Because the Church of the Sacred Synthesis represents a reunion of spirit/nature with science/medicine, it has vowed to assist the medical and scientific community in studying the effects of its sacrament. The Church believes this data can be used for the good of humanity and will ultimately serve the Church’s goal of making its sacrament available to all those who are aligned spiritually and ready to elevate their consciousness.


The Church’s mission is to build a sacred community of aligned spiritual/religious practitioners. Ultimately, the Church intends to create a global community of members who are jointly committed in raising the vibrational frequency of humanity and returning to a more symbiotic relationship with Mother Earth.


All prospective members can apply Here. Once a membership level has been chosen, the prospective member will be prompted to accept our membership terms and agreement and pay the annual or monthly membership fees.

We have three membership options, Monthly memberships at $11.11/month and Annual memberships at $111.11/year. We also have a free membership that allows for access to member classes and education.

 Members will have access to our unique member programs, offers, studies, education programs and community.

Free Download: 30 Day Microdosing Companion, Journal and Guide

30 day Guided Journal with Exercises
Guidelines for intention setting for the best experience possible
The perfect companion for someone ready to begin a journey of self discovery

Community Offerings

We have so many offerings for our members! If you are curious about what is included with your membership- here are some of the current offerings that we have, and that we are continuing to add to!

Join us for one of our Sunday Services

We warmly invite you to join us for the Sunday Service of The Church of The Sacred Synthesis. Whether you are already a valued member of our community or someone seeking spiritual nourishment, we extend our arms to welcome you. Our uplifting services are now accessible to all, as we live stream them every other Sunday on our church’s YouTube channel. Experience the power of unity, love, and profound teachings that inspire personal growth and connection with the divine. Join us on this sacred journey as we gather together to celebrate our shared values and embrace the harmony of the human spirit. We look forward to your presence and the opportunity to uplift each other’s hearts and minds.

Member Services Calendar

The Church of The Sacred Synthesis is dedicated to providing its members with a broad range of services and support to foster spiritual growth and a sense of community. By offering guidance and resources, such as integration programs, educational programs, and engaging workshops, the Church aims to enrich the lives of its followers and help them achieve a deeper understanding of our sacrament’s teachings. Additionally, the Church hosts regular gatherings, social events, and volunteer opportunities to bring members closer together and create lasting bonds. By placing emphasis on the needs of its members, The Church of The Sacred Synthesis demonstrates its commitment to nurturing a thriving and harmonious spiritual community.

Community Hikrodoses

Our community Hikrodoses are starting all across the U.S and internationally! This is a wonderful way for members to gather and meet in their local areas.  Our members not only have a place to meet online through our Discord server, but we have a regional coordinator program that will allow members who want to organize meet-ups like Hikrodoses to be able to do so.



Latest Posts


The Church of “I Am”

If most religions over history at one time or another agreed that “the kingdom of God is within you” then it would be the utmost wisdom to point people to their I am nature, instead of to a list of do’s and don’ts to try to achieve the knowledge of Self. So too, reading some else’s experiences can be inspirational but that doesn’t cause us to “own it” for ourselves. Aren’t you capable of discovering who you are in your own first-hand experience? Yes, you are! 

Through working with our sacrament, Sunday services, integration, and community service work, the Church intends to create a loving community of aligned practitioners dedicated to working hand in hand with another down to the path to ultimately realizing their “I AM” nature.  

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