Church of The Sacred Synthesis

Frequently asked Questions

How much is membership in the Church of The Sacred Synthesis?

Membership dues are $111.11 per year OR $11.11 per month.  We currently accept debit/credit cards. Payment instructions are at the bottom of the membership acceptance email along with the link to purchase the membership.

What is contained in the spiritual sacrament?

Our spiritual sacrament, Psilomethoxin, is contained in mushroom fruiting bodies. Once picked from the substrate/growing medium, the fruiting bodies are dried, powered, and sent to our members. 

May I acquire more than one ounce of spiritual sacrament at one time?

Yes, a member may purchase more than one ounce of spiritual sacrament at a time, however, the Church may inquire as to the nature of the intended use, so as to ensure that all spiritual sacraments are being consumed appropriately. 

When can members expect to receive a shipment of spiritual sacrament?

All orders are shipped in the order they are received. Depending on order volume orders can take up to 10 days to ship. Members will receive an email with a tracking number once the order is shipped. Domestic (United States)and International shipments are sent via FedEx.

What is the Church of The Sacred Synthesis? Why is this a non-profit organization?

The Church of The Sacred Synthesis is founded upon the idea that its spiritual sacrament can be appropriately characterized as an “entheogen.” “As an entheogen, our spiritual sacrament allows us to open up and better receive source energy, which helps us to connect with our own inner divinity.” Historically speaking, these types of entheogenic sacraments were used all across the world in a spiritual and religious context. 

Can I share my spiritual sacrament with others?

The Church prefers that spiritual sacrament only be shared amongst members. However, the Church recognizes that many potential members would want to commune with our spiritual sacrament prior to committing to be a member of the Church. As such, the Church asks that its members use discretion in sharing spiritual sacrament, ensuring that the highest possible degree of sanctity be given the sacrament at all times. 

How much is spiritual sacrament and how are they dispensed?

Our spiritual sacrament is $300.00 for one ounce of dried mushroom fruiting bodies and $175 for 1/2 ounce. The sacrament is being shipped in powdered form.

Do you send samples to members?

We are not sending out samples of our sacrament to members. 

I want to try it before I order it, how do I do that?

We are launching a Facilitator training program where trusted and vetted members of the community will be able to hold local ceremonies. When this program is active, you will be able to contact facilitators close to you and attend a local ceremony. 

What's included with the Membership fee?

Members receive access to weekly integration calls and our integration program. Members will be able to participate in one-of-a-kind research programs designed to help optimize their experience with the sacrament. The Church will also offer various benefits and programs throughout the year. 

****Note the sacrament is not included with the membership fee

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