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Microdosing is nothing new, our oldest ancestors were microdosing Peyote, Ergot, Mushrooms, Iboga and countless other plants. From hunting to ceremonial gatherings, these plants were a staple in the lives of most humans and gave them a way to commune with the earth and enhance their human capabilities. Psychedelic substances have an interesting way of enhancing our sensory information and organizing it in a way that is more suited for our natural Biorhythm, allowing us to be more ourselves in a multiplied way. 

When we take these substances at a macro or “heroic” level we gain deeper insights and more profound neurological regeneration, which often takes significant time to understand and fully integrate. Microdosing allows us to be in a state of Neurogenesis and Integration simultaneously, allowing us to use the experience to create the best physical reality for ourselves possible.

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Origin of Traditional Microdosing

In Traditional Microdosing of Psilocybin or LSD the Fadiman, Stamets or Microdosing Institute Protocols are the gold standard. Fadiman originally designed his protocol not as a therapeutic approach, but purely for research. This original approach is driven by the tolerance built immediately by both Psilocybin and LSD, which creates a need to double dose for similar effects or abstain for a number of days between doses to recalibrate. This time period is traditionally 1 day on 2 days off. 

The Stamets Protocol stretches this out to 4 days of Microdose with 3 days break, He also recommends adding in nutritional mushrooms to enhance the effects. Microdosing Institute recommends following the “every second day”, which is just a 1 day on 1 day off cycle. There is not enough research to show any one better suited than another.   

Creating new Protocols:
Microdosing with Our Sacrament

Working with our sacrament is a unique experience in that there is no tolerance build up with it. You could take the same amount every day, and have the same perceptual experience without having to increase the dosage. This makes the old protocols that were used with psilocybin unnecessary.

Because there is no tolerance build up, the members of our church are in a unique position of being the trailblazers of how best to work with this sacrament. With that being said, the Church has come up with some best practices for working with the sacrament at the microdose level

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What are the recommended ranges for Microdosing?

We have people reporting back ranges from 50mg to around 300mg as their preferred dosages for Microdosing.

A micro dose should be a sub-perceptual amount, meaning you can go about any daily activities with more focus and energy, the medicine adding to the routines, not pulling you out of them.

It is important to note that everyone will have their own dosage amounts that are unique to them. This is not one size fits all. Finding your sweet spot may take some time. We always recommend starting at the lower levels. Start at 50mg, or 100mg and titrate up. You can always add, but you can’t subtract once taken. Note that these ranges can vary from day to day as well. Your body may have a different alkalinity, and sensitivity range on different days, which is why it’s always important to start at the lower end and work your way up.

It’s also important to have an intention when taking this, is your intention to just have a better day as you go about your normal activities? Or do you have the time set aside to go a bit deeper. Each dosage has different intentions attached to it, so being mindful of that helps when deciding amount.

Give yourself the space to meet this sacrament. It is important when working with any new substance to block off time where you are in a safe, and non distracted environment. We recommend having at least a few hours blocked off without distractions where you know you will have the time to be present, and to experience and process anything that the sacrament brings up for you.

Our Sacrament usually lasts around 4 hours, so giving yourself at least that much time to sit with the sacrament is very important.

Remember this is a tool, and can be used for many different intentions, use it wisely. 

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