Veteran Initiatives

The Church of The Sacred Synthesis is a majority veteran-founded Church, with much of its charitable work directed toward the veteran community inside the United States.  Veteran suicide rates are an at all-time high, with approximately 44 veterans ending their life in the United States every day.  This number does not include the number of veterans lost to VA-assisted overdoses.  Seeing these rates as totally unacceptable, the founders of the Church have made remedying these figures a large part of the Church’s overall mission.

Church co-founders Ian Benouis, Benjamin Moore, and Ryan Begin are all war veterans who have been able to evolve spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically through the sacramental consumption of entheogens.  As such, when our Sacrament was first discovered, these three founders and co-founder Greg Lake felt a deep calling to bring this Sacrament to veterans in a safe and productive way.

While we commonly believe that veterans’ issues are either mental or physical in nature, the Church believes that the root of issues existing on these planes, originally manifests on the spiritual plane.  It is no secret that war and military service can leave some of the deepest spiritual, mental, and physical scars on a human being.  This has been known and accounted for since the most ancient of times.

The Church believes that the spirit manifests, and is inextricably intertwined with, the physical and mental dimensions of our existence, and as such, targeting veteran’s spiritual health and well-being will surely manifest positive outcomes on the mental and physical planes as well.  Scientific research to date proves this to be true.  Additionally, this has been proven to be true through the existing fellowship the founders have created with the veteran community across the United States.

Since the discovery of our sacrament, the veteran community has been very receptive to becoming members of the Church.  When the founders were initially in the testing phase with our Sacrament, veterans played a major role in assisting those efforts.  Through this phase of the Church’s development, they were able to witness miraculous and profound life changes occur within some of the most spiritually-scarred and battle-hardened veterans in our country. The church is forever humbled and grateful for these members who again, decided to serve others through their actions.

To date, the Church has begun their well-known sacred veterans “Hikrodose” on Fridays around Austin, Texas.  This is a Church fellowship event where veterans gather, ceremonially consume microdoses of our Sacrament, and hike through nature together.  Much of the conversation at these hikes centers around prior mystical/religious experiences, and how they can integrate those downloads and insights into their daily lives.  The Church has found that veteran-centered fellowship groups such as this are the most effective at encouraging veterans to continue their spiritual, mental, and physical healing, divination, and optimization.

The Church has established veteran and first-responder centered integration groups, and works to fundraise for various veteran organizations. The Church intends to continue the growth and expansion of local veteran fellowship groups and to work getting Spiritual Sacrament to veterans who are struggling financially.  If you are a veteran and are reading this passage, should you feel called, please contact us so we may direct you to our special veteran-centered offerings.  Thank you very much for your service to our country and to the collective!!!

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