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The Mind, Body, Spirit Complex

In modern times, especially in the west, the human mind and body, at least at it relates to the scientific and medical establishment, is seen as separate from the human spirit or soul. In fact, many scientists and medical professionals will outright deny the existence of anything metaphysical, including the human spirit. Why should we ever believe in something that cannot be measured, examined, or analyzed? Obviously, this is a very materialist and secular point of view, and not one to which the Church subscribes.

To the contrary, the Church firmly believes in the human spirit and that the spirit is inextricably connected to and intertwined with the human body and mind. In fact, we believe that these three “systems” are so conjoined that they cannot be fairly separated in any meaningful way, although they can be conceptualized as separate systems. This idea of the mind, body, spirit complex was most eloquently introduced and discussed by Ra in the Law of One, Book II, Session 30. In this session, when asked if Ra would define the mind, body, and spirit separately, Ra responds to the questioner as follows:

“Ra: I am Ra. These terms are all simplistic descriptive terms which equal a complex of energy focuses; the body, as you call it, being the material of the density which you experience at a given space/time or time/space; this complex of materials being available for distortions of what you would call physical manifestation.

The mind is a complex which reflects the in-pourings of the spirit and the up-pourings of the body complex. It contains what you know as feelings, emotions, and intellectual thoughts in its more conscious complexities.

Moving further down the tree of mind we see the intuition which is of the nature of the mind more in contact or in tune with the total being-ness complex.

Moving down to the roots of mind we find the progression of consciousness which gradually turns from the personal to the racial memory, to the cosmic influxes, and thus becomes a direct contactor of that shuttle which we call the spirit complex.

This spirit complex is the channel whereby the in-pourings from all of the various universal, planetary, and personal inpourings may be funneled into the roots of consciousness and whereby consciousness may be funneled to the gateway of intelligent infinity through the balanced intelligent energy of body and mind.

You will see by this series of definitive statements that mind, body, and spirit are inextricably intertwined and cannot continue, one without the other.

Thus we refer to the mind/body/spirit complex rather than attempting to deal with them separately, for the work, shall we say, that you do during your experiences is done through the interaction of these three components, not through anyone.”

As Ra states, the “…mind, body, and spirit are inextricably intertwined and cannot continue, one without the other.” This means it is impossible to separate out the spirit from the mind and body. Therefore, while working with an entheogenic sacrament, which is primarily aimed at effectuating healing and divination at the spiritual level, by necessary implication, it could also effectuate healing and divination on the mental and physical planes as well, these systems being so intertwined that they cannot be separated.

Accordingly, we encourage our members to discuss all aspects of their experiences working with our sacrament. Otherwise, if our Church was to completely disregard the mental or physical experiences of working with our Sacrament, we would be falling short of addressing the full human experience, which all other religions at least purport to address.

To this end, the Church has vowed to work hand in hand with scientists and researchers to help track and monitor the physical and mental effects of our Sacrament. Soon, the Church will be implementing research into our online platform and religious/spiritual practice. We hope and encourage that all our members will participate with our research partners to the best of their ability.

Again, because our mind, body, and spirit are so inextricable intertwined, our religious/spiritual practice would be incomplete were we to completely disregard our member’s mental and physical states as they receive our Sacrament. Spiritual growth and development manifests itself in the physical and mental bodies as well, and we want to ensure that our members are growing and evolving in the right direction!!!!

Much Love!!!

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