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The Role of Integration as a Spiritual/Religious Practice

The primary objective of the Church of The Sacred Synthesis is to promote and provide a catalyst for spiritual growth and fellowship amongst its members. To this end, the Church shall offer integration services and programs at both the collective and individual levels. In this article, we will discuss the Church’s views and beliefs about integration, as well as its specific plans to provide integration to its members.

It has been well documented in the historical, anthropological, archeological, medical, and scientific literature that entheogens, like our sacrament, can effectuate primary religious/mystical experiences in those who engage in their sacramental consumption. As such, the Church considers the consumption of our sacrament to be the primary practice of its religion. 

Primary religious/mystical experiences effectuated through the sacramental consumption of our Sacrament can be informational (divine downloads) and/or visionary in nature. Unlike most other entheogens, our Sacrament, taken at the microdose level, does not tend to effectuate intense visual experiences. Instead, the primary religious/mystical nature of the experience is informational (divine downloads) in nature. By this, we mean that our Sacrament allows us to be more open to directly receive information (downloads) from the divine. This occurs because it allows us to establish a much stronger and clearer channel or connection with our inner divinity/source energy/higher self. Through this connection, we receive divine downloads that we would not otherwise receive had we not sacramentally consumed it. 

The divine downloads we receive when engaging in the sacramental consumption of our Sacrament, while direct and divine in nature, are many times not crystal clear and could be open to multiple interpretations. Moreover, as has been documented in the scientific and medical literature, these downloads sometimes be classified as ineffable. As such, for many of our members it is hard to develop a clear interpretation of what is being conveyed from Divine Source. This is where integration plays a role.

Integration allows our members to work either collectively and/or individually on making sense of the Divine Downloads received. Without the guidance provided through integration, many of these Divine Messages get lost in translation and/or are completely lost. In these instances, spiritual progress can be halted or stopped completely. Hence, integration is an integral part of our spiritual/religious practice. 

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While we say that integration is a secondary spiritual/religious practice, that is not to detract in any way from its importance.  At this point, we feel it pertinent to draw some analogies with other established religions, to drive home the importance of integration in our members’ spiritual/religious practice. Please consider, by way of illustration, the following:

Imagine it is Sunday and you have decided to attend a Christian church. You get dressed up and head down to the church to attend a Sunday service. More times than not, this service will consist of a preacher or priest reading select passages from the Bible. 

For the most part, the Bible itself consists of a collection of accounts of primary/religious experiences from over 2,000 years ago. The preacher reads excerpts from these accounts of primary religious/mystical experiences, which are downloads or visions received by those who authored the Bible, and then the preacher attempts to draw parallels and analogies to the modern day lives of those in the congregation. Through this system, the members of the congregation receive guidance on how they should live their lives. 

At the Church of The Sacred Synthesis, instead of reading and/or learning of ancient accounts of primary religious/mystical experiences, our members are having their own primary religious/mystical experiences and then, instead of working with a pastor, work with others in our Church community and/or experienced integration providers for the purpose of helping them make sense of their own primary religious/mystical experiences (usually in the form of direct downloads from Divine Source). 

As you can see by way of the above illustration, integration in the Church of The Sacred Synthesis is analogous to the primary practices of Christian and other established faiths. However, a key difference between these two practices is that our members are having their own primary religious/mystical experiences as opposed to relying on secondary religious phenomena (i.e. a holy book) to receive the information conveyed from Divine Source.

While some of our members manage to work through these Divine Revelations alone, many require assistance from experienced integration providers/coaches and/or our Church community in helping them see the proverbial “smoke through the trees.” As such, we at the Church of The Sacred Synthesis are extremely dedicated to offering our members a world class integration program. 

As previously stated, the Church intends to offer a wide array of integration programs to its members. Currently, the Church is in the process of creating the following integration offerings for its members:

a. Large group integration meetings to occur monthly;

b. A wide array of smaller integration meetings to be apportioned by varying demographics; 

c. Several veteran and minority integration meetings specifically aimed at addressing traumas and challenges typically faced by these target demographics; and,

d. One-on-one integration offerings with seasoned integration providers.

To recap, the sacramental consumption of our Sacrament is the primary spiritual/religious practice of the Church of The Sacred Synthesis, with integration being a secondary practice. Despite being secondary, integration is an extremely important part of the Church’s overall spiritual/religious practice, and the Church is dedicated to offering multiple variations of same for the purpose of assisting our members in continuing their spiritual growth. At this time, the Church is working on and dedicated to coordinating multiple different integration formats and sessions.

If any of our members are integration providers and feel called to serve the Church’s other members in this capacity, please Contact Us and tell us a bit about why you are motivated to serve the Church. We will review resumes and applications in the order they are received and will conduct interviews with qualifying applicants. As we believe that the Church’s integration program should be community-driven, should any current members have any questions, comments, concerns, or feedback regarding the content of this post, please do not hesitate to reach out via the above-listed email.

Much Love!!!!

The Church of The Sacred Synthesis 

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