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“Exploring the Mysteries of Life: How Hypnotic Regression Proves the Existence of Life After Death”

By: Adam Dince


Is there life after death? Or, is there death after life? As a hypnotherapist, I’ve had the privilege of guiding clients through hypnotic regressions that have provided deep insights into the nature of their existence. These experiences have convinced me that life goes on after our physical body dies and that there is much more to our existence than our human condition.

So, what is hypnotic regression? It’s a powerful therapeutic technique that involves guiding clients back in time to explore past experiences. By putting them in a relaxed state of hypnosis, we help them access their subconscious mind and memories more easily. And let me tell you, the things that can come up during a regression are absolutely mind-boggling.


One of the most fascinating aspects of hypnotic regression is the possibility of exploring past lives. Many clients report experiencing vivid and detailed memories of past lives, from ancient civilizations to recent times. In some cases, hypnotic regression can also provide glimpses into the future. Clients may see themselves in future relationships or careers, or even get a sense of their own deaths. And while these experiences can be unsettling, most people find them incredibly reassuring. They often report feeling a sense of peace and comfort as they encounter loved ones from past lives or move on to new experiences after death. These experiences can offer profound insights into their current life and relationships, as well as their spiritual path and life purpose.


Now, with that said, and most compellingly, hypnotic regression can provide evidence that our existence transcends our physical bodies. Many clients describe encountering loved ones who have passed away, or experiencing the afterlife in vivid detail. These experiences can offer powerful evidence that our souls continue on after our physical bodies have ceased to function.


I recall working with one past life regression client whom I guided to her death memory in the past life she was revisiting. This client, let’s call her Maria, experienced dying in that past life and then popping out of her body. As her spirit began to ascend upwards, she began to notice subtle changes in energy. And before long, Maria had merged with Source and had an experience very similar to those who have had peak entheogenic experiences. And when she merged back into Source, she was able to communicate with family members who had crossed over. For me, the most interesting aspect of Maria’s experience is that she is a devout Christian who absolutely believes what the Bible teaches. However, what Maria experienced was far beyond anything that she had ever considered as part of her religious beliefs.


Also, near-death experiencers (NDErs), provide a wealth of proof that life continues after the physical body dies. In my book, “Back to the Beyond, Exploring Near-Death Experiences Through Hypnosis”, I wrote about taking seven near-death experiencers back to the dimensions and realms they visited during their brief physical death through hypnotic regression. And even though they had explored these realms before, during their NDE, experiencing their true nature again, felt just like the first time. If you’re interested in hearing what their experiences were like, check out this 2-minute YouTube video where you’ll hear a few of my clients’ experiences.


One of my favorite NDE accounts is from Dr. Eben Alexander, who wrote a book about his experience called, “Proof of Heaven”. Dr. Alexander’s near-death experience is one of the most compelling stories of the afterlife I’ve ever encountered. 


As a neurosurgeon, Dr. Alexander had always been skeptical of spirituality and the afterlife, until he himself experienced a life-changing event. In 2008, Dr. Alexander contracted a rare form of meningitis that caused his brain to shut down completely. He was in a coma for seven days and his chances of survival were extremely slim. But against all odds, he woke up and made a full recovery. What’s more, he had an incredible story to share about his experience during those seven days.


According to Dr. Alexander, he experienced a journey through the afterlife that defied all rational explanations. He saw vivid, otherworldly landscapes and encountered a beautiful, angelic woman who he believes was a divine being. He felt a profound sense of love and connection that he had never experienced before. And throughout it all, he was aware of a higher consciousness that seemed to be guiding him through this journey.


What’s most remarkable about Dr. Alexander’s experience is that he was able to remember it in such detail despite his brain being completely shut down. This flies in the face of traditional scientific explanations for near-death experiences, which suggest that they are simply the result of the brain shutting down and releasing certain chemicals.


For Dr. Alexander, his near-death experience was a turning point in his life. He went from being a skeptical scientist to a believer in the afterlife and has since dedicated his life to sharing his story and exploring the nature of consciousness and the soul. His experience has brought hope and comfort to countless others who have lost loved ones or fear death themselves.


So, is there life after death? I certainly believe so. There is so much evidence to point to that. For those of us who have had spiritually transformative experiences like being out-of-body, getting a strong sign from a loved one from the other side, a brilliant entheogenic process, or an NDE, it’s easy for us to believe—because it goes past belief. We know because we’ve experienced ourselves as our Essence. However, for skeptics, perhaps others’ accounts aren’t enough. And that’s OK too. Eventually, all of us will experience the transition from here to the Beyond and we’ll know without a shadow of a doubt—that we’re eternal.


Adam Dince is a hypnotherapist that specializes in: Past life regression, NDE regression, life between lives regression (LBL), and hypnotic regression techniques that heal traumas, limiting beliefs, and other challenging life experiences.

In addition to hypnotherapy, I’m also a Sacred Medicine Man, Reiki Master Teacher, author, and the founder of & healer at Sacred Stairways Hypnotherapy & Healing located in Stillwater, Minnesota.”


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