Church of The Sacred Synthesis

Membership Agreement

Welcome to the Church of The Sacred Synthesis!

Please take the time to read our by-laws thoroughly. Memberships are renewed either Monthly or yearly on the exact date you agree to the following:

  1. Member certifies that this agreement is entered into, and membership in The Church acquired, in furtherance of a sincere religious exercise.

  2. Member certifies that any sacrament obtained from The Church will be treated with absolute sanctity and the member will only consume sacrament in furtherance of their sincere religious exercise.

  3. Member certifies that they will keep any sacrament in their possession secure and will take all steps reasonably necessary under any given circumstances to ensure that sacrament will not be subject to diversion from religious to non-religious use.

  4. Member agrees to be totally transparent and forthcoming when speaking to the community and church leaders about their sacrament consumption and spiritual progress.

  1. Member agrees to not drink alcohol and/or consume illicit drugs while consuming sacrament.

  2. Member agrees to consume the sacrament in a safe and responsible manner and in accord with personal knowledge of their specific response to the sacrament.

  3. Unless otherwise noted, member agrees to never distribute sacrament to anyone who is not a certified member of The Church. Member agrees to consult The Church administrators if any person’s member status is questioned.

  4. Member agrees to consume the sacrament for purposes of divination, spiritual progress, spiritual healing, and life optimization.

  5. Member certifies they understand that The Church does not authorize non-religious use of the sacrament and that any use of the sacrament outside of The Church’s proscribed religious setting is considered sacrilege and grounds for expulsion from The Church.

  6. Member certifies they understand that their membership in The Church is subject to be withdrawn at any time and for any reason.

  7. Member agrees to behave, to the best of their ability, in accordance with the principal of cosmic unity.

  8. Member agrees to participate, to the extent it is anonymous, in all research projects sponsored by The Church, and agrees, to the best of his/her ability, to provide true and accurate information on all research questionnaires and interviews.

  9. Member agrees to inform The Church administration immediately should they become aware that any other member is violating the terms of this Membership Agreement and Code of Conduct.

  10. Member agrees to attend at least one bi-weekly Sunday Sacrament Service a quarter and/or agrees, in the event they are unable to attend such Service, to watch at least one pre-recorded service per quarter.

We have two membership options, “Monthly memberships at $11.11/month” and Annual memberships at $111.11/year!” Membership Fees are Non-Refundable.
**Please note that the membership does not include the price of the sacrament offerings. Sacrament is available for purchase on the website


Upon completion of accepting, you will have access to to all Church classes, Integration, and Our Discord Server after the membership fee is paid.

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