Free Download: 30 Day Microdosing Companion, Journal and Guide


30 Day Microdosing Companion, Journal and Guide

Download and Print over and over!

30 day Guided Journal with Exercises
Guidelines for intention setting for the best experience possible
The perfect companion for someone ready to begin a journey of self discovery

    🌿✨ Our Microdosing Guide is Here! ✨🌿

    Step into a world of spiritual exploration:

    🌟 Inside, you’ll find everything you need to start your journey with our sacrament:
    🔹 Intention setting tips to align your path
    🔹 Detailed protocols for a safe and effective experience
    🔹 Proper dosing guidelines for optimal results
    🔹 What to expect along the way
    🔹 A 30-day guided journal for reflection and growth

    Whether you’re taking your first steps or are a seasoned traveler on the path, this guide is your trusted companion on the journey within. 🙏✨ Dive into the depths of spiritual alchemy and unlock the doors to profound transformation and spiritual awakening.

    Use this guide over and over again! This was created with love, from our hearts, to yours. We hope that you find it helpful on your path of self-study


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