Church of The Sacred Synthesis


I just watched “Spiritual Stories with Psilomethoxin- Member Meagan Lynn” and wanted to provide some feedback. Meagan Lynn mentioned that she and Greg Lake would be interested to hear from those who have received the Sacrament and had positive effects with neurological issues. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in my left leg. It hurts more when I flex my knee, and it’s quite sensitive to wind and cold. When I take the Sacrament, however, I am able to flex and stretch with much greater range. I also experience a significant analgesic effect. I feel increased energy and ability to endure vigorous exercise (which I find virtually impossible otherwise). I can wear long pants over my knee without much discomfort: this is much more painful without the Sacrament. I even have a better sense of where the ground is with my left leg as part of an overall increase in coordination, similar to what Meagan described in the video. In general my left leg feels more integrated into the rest of my nervous system when I’m using the Sacrament. I truly thank everyone at the Church for bringing this blessed Sacrament into my life!

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