Church of The Sacred Synthesis

A headline for my testimonial, you say?

Sacrament lifted me quickly out of 5 months of deepening depression in January 2023, after lots of wellness practices including psilocybin macro and micro dosing could not. It’s held my attention ever since, as a most-days microdose. It also stacks beautifully with morning cacao and occasional evening cannabis, especially edible.

I am aware, and maybe too focused on, the public controversy challenging whether sacrament is psilomethoxin, or just psilocybin with placebo. There are other possibilities. I have no investment either way, but after 17 years of experience with psilocybin, I know it’s not just that. I also respect the power of placebo, but no, it’s not just that either. I don’t know what it is, and eagerly await the results of ongoing science to determine what’s special about these mushrooms. I’m comfortable with some mystery in the absence of evidence of harm.

Meanwhile, frankly, I’m at odds with church statements calling it psilomethoxin in advance of proof, and in the face of some evidence it may not be. Also, I’m free to say this even in church circles, because it’s not a cult or even an ordinary dogmatic/authoritarian church. It’s a community centered on direct experience of source/the one/spirit as mediated by sacrament and complementary practices the church supports like breathwork, meditation, hiking, etc. I am 100% on board with all this, with what matters.

Sacrament is unique in my experience in its clear-headed energetic functionality as a microdose, and its lack of tolerance or indeed any notable side effects over time, 9 months steady in my case. Where psilocybin tends to challenge me to change what needs changing, and can thus be disruptive, sacrament consistently holds me in a place of acceptance and surrender to the gift that I AM, not as a separate person who believes this or that, identified with thoughts or groups in opposition to others, but just is, open and receptive, relatively free of attachment and aversion, or at least keenly aware of how those gate my liberation. It allows me to observe my ego and its neurotic processes, with compassionate detachment and sometimes amusement, sometimes resolve to do better, to be more open-hearted, courageous, and grateful. It helps me embody my truest self, who isn’t really the self-important, sleepy speck of stardust I’ve pretended.

Like all plant medicines or allies, whether actually plant, animal, fungal, or other, sacrament presents not as a simple chemical agent exerting some consistent effects on my mind-body metabolism, but as a sentience with whom I interact in deeply personal ways, and whose messaging is wise, loving, and responsive to my evolving soul awareness.

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