Church of The Sacred Synthesis

Gentle and Energetic

I would like to share my experience with the sacrament. Since the first time I took it, I knew it was something special that I would continue to work and pray with it. I have done other plant and fungi sacraments. This is nice because it doesn’t take you for a big ride… Instead it is gentle allowing you to maintain control over your experience and go about your life as you must.
At times, it has given me a energetic space to process emotions and limiting beliefs in a non attached way, making my everyday life just easier to flow in general. When I have an attachment to something, I am not thinking clearly and it manifest around me. I am grateful for this gift of self reflection and growth that is being integrated in real time.
Sometimes just what I need is that playful childlike spirit. Which takes me on a stretch and yoga journey, allowing myself to tune into my physical body, in the places that energy needs to be released at. I am grateful for that time with my body. Great self care practice for me.
When needed, it gives me the focus and motivation to keep going when I have a deadline or just working on something. It allows for focus in this moment, instead of future concerns, allowing the process to flow with ease.
This sacrament works around what I am doing, it seems. It speaks to me through feelings, thoughts and energy.
I am a huge fan!

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