Church of The Sacred Synthesis

A beautiful new tool for inner work

As I developed my talk therapy private practice using Internal Family Systems therapy, a client mentioned psilomethoxin, a newly emerging psychoactive with potential therapeutic benefits. Intrigued, I investigated and discovered a church associated with its use, led in part by Greg Lake, a legal advocate for psychedelic therapies and religious freedom. Though the website initially appeared informal, my familiarity with Mr. Lake’s work instilled confidence. I joined the church and obtained their “sacrament” – psilomethoxin.

My initial, cautious dose produced mild effects. However, increasing the dose to 300mg yielded a distinct experience compared to ayahuasca or psilocybin. While psilocybin amplifies emotions, the sacrament offered a similar effect with an added layer of soothing comfort. This unique quality piqued my curiosity. As I experimented with higher doses, reaching up to 2 grams, I discovered a minimal presence of hallucinations – a significant difference from other psychedelics. This characteristic suggests psilomethoxin might be particularly suitable for individuals new to psychedelics.

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