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Beautiful Tool for Real Time Integration

Hello! I’ve been working with Entheogens for over 7 years. They all are wonderful tools that each have their own unique journey associated with them. Each having it’s own purpose, and time and place for best use. I have found when working with our sacrament that it is a beautiful tool for the subtle energetics of everyday use. When used as a microdose, it provides an avenue to look at whatever is happening in your life that day with an observer viewpoint. It can give you the opportunity to look at what’s happening from a “Higher Self” perspective. A lot of times, if I’m not in the best mood going into the journey, I can easily shift out of that mood into a better one, AND simultaneously understand why the bad mood originated, and dissect all the layers associated with it. It does not allow you to “Gloss Over” your life, what it does is give you a safe container to look at your life through a loving lens. No Entheogen is there for anyone to mask their problems with, they are there to help you reveal all of you. The beautiful thing about that is when you are successful in doing this, you will find that you are capable and able to do this outside of their use as well. Integration of what is taught is essential. I love our sacrament for its real time integration, and loving container.

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