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Fantastic for directing journeys to more celestial states

As an experienced psychonaut, I have developed extensive classification of different sorts of experiences. One common dimension people discuss is the intensity of the experience (threshold, journey, ego death, etc.). A different dimension I like to distinguish is the layers/planes that are primarily active, which go in the following order (from terrestrial to celestial): physical, aetheric, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, cosmic, nirvanic. Physical, emotional, and cognitive are familiar to most people. Aetheric is where qi and meridians and such are found (among other things). Spiritual is realm of individuated Awareness or Witness state. Cosmic is the transcendence of the individuated state into progressively more encompassing collectives all the way up to cosmic unity of the One. Nirvanic is the Unmanifest and complete dissolution of concepts or any notion of “I” (instead of saying “I am one with everything,” there is no I).

Entheogens in general reduce the flow of cognitive energy (where most people are trapped). In particular, I’ve noticed that just as 2CB brings people into the terrestrial (great for body focused work), psilomethoxin reliably adds a more celestial component. This creates the ability to tune the nature of the journey in an additional way. Personally, I find the cosmic type energy exceedingly pleasant and the nirvanic type particularly profound. As such, unless I am specifically doing body work or aetheric work, I normally supplement any other entheogen consumption with psilomethoxin.

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